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At, customer satisfaction always comes first. All products sold by are brand new and are covered by original manufacturer’s warranties. In most cases, these are 2-year warranties; some manufacturers offer 1-year warranties. 

In addition to the original manufacturer’s warranty, we offer our own World of Luxury warranty service to our customers. While the original manufacturer’s warranty is in effect, we’ll provide a secondary warranty to cover any and all repairs or parts that may not be covered by manufacturer’s warranty.

We strive to meet or exceed the terms of manufacturer warranties, while still providing our customers the lowest possible prices. In the past, we would send timepieces to the manufacturers for repair. Because many of them outsource their work, the entire process can take anywhere from eight to twelve weeks. We have streamlined this process by working with our own multiple service centers, expediting repair and lowering the costs associated with warranty issues.

Once your warranty has expired, you can still ship your timepiece to, and we will be able to have it repaired for you at cost, to save you time and money. The full turnaround time for repairs through our dealers is approximately four to six weeks, shaving the repair time in half. We will ensure that you do not pay a penny more than what is owed to the service center, to uphold our standards of customer service. Another service that we offer is complimentary bracelet sizing. It's best to provide your wrist size at the time of your order so that this can be completed.



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