Lange and Sohne Datograph Collection – Withstanding the Test of Time
With a dream in his heart, Ferdinand Adolph Lange, desired to make German watches as well as teach those who desired to learn how to create beautiful time pieces.  Yet, with World War II and a string of unfortunate events, Lange’s dream was suppressed.  However, in 1989, the Lange family was not only able to bring back the dream of watch making, but enabling others to learn the trade as well in the Glashutte School of watch making.  In 1994, hand crafted time pieces were available to public and soon Lange and Sohne gained popularity.  With one of a kind time pieces made only in 18-karat gold or platinum, it is important to understand that this German watch company only builds a few thousand a year.  Also, with only a small amount of watches created, there are only a few collections such as the Lange and Sohne Datograph Collection are available to purchase.
The Lange and Sohne Datograph Collection is an artistic interpretation of a chronograph watch.  With patented Lange features, this collection is complex and perfectly fulfills the need of a Datograph.  As with all Lange and Sohne time pieces, the components are all handmade.  Attention to detail is perfected when all components are working together perfectly.  This means that since this is a chronograph watch, each calibration of every column wheel is highly important.  The power must flow evenly through the watch to ensure that you receive a perfect time piece that will last for many generations to come.
With over 556 individual pieces and parts involved with the watches in the Lange and Shone Datograph Collection, you can be sure that your time piece has had hours upon hours of adjustments and movements made in order to provide you with the most intricate and smooth watch available today on the market.
The Lange and Sohne Datograph Collection only includes two watch options.  The Datograph is a column wheel masterpiece.  This time piece is truly made in Germany and is full of mechanisms that are complicated and mechanical.  The other option is the Datograph Perpetual.  This time piece is a chronograph watch as well as a perpetual calendar.  This watch is so precise that not until the year 2100 will the day need to be advanced only by one.  No matter which option you choose in this collection, you will find that Lange and Sohne watches will withstand the test of time.

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