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Lange Double Split
The Lange Double Split is an intuitive innovation in watch making. The designing and engineering that went into making this watch was beyond its time. The watch delivers a Flyback chronograph that has a double rattrapante. The mechanical architecture of this watch offers stop watch features along with time comparison features. This watch allows two or more events to be measured with time at the same moment. The typical watch can only measure one ratio of time at once, while this watch allows more than one ratio to be measured at once.
The beauty of this watch is distinctly visible with its available choices of rose gold and platinum colored faces and case. The rose gold watch is designed with rose gold dials on the face, and the platinum watch is designed with platinum dials on the face of the watch. Each style choice for the Lange Double Split watch offers a choice of color in crocodile leather strap that clasps with a Tang buckle that is either 18 karat gold or platinum. The face of the watch case is made of scratch resistant sapphire crystal that is water resistant and protects the mechanisms of the watch.
The Lange Double Split watch is water resistant up to 30 meters or 100 feet in depth. With a 36 power reserve, this watch is one of the finest made by Lange. The exquisite design of this men’s watch makes it a good choice for many reasons. The watch is 30.6 mm in diameter and offers unparalleled designs inside the workings of the watch. There are many mechanisms that are built within an extremely small area of space that are responsible for handling a great deal of movement within the watch.  Some of the mechanisms are visible inside this watch, which add to the great design.
Inside of those watch, each of the mechanisms are hand polished and finished as if they were on display outside of the watch.  The quality of care that went into each tiny piece of the Lange Double Split watch is an obvious statement of the quality that this watch possesses. There are different layers within the mechanism of this watch, all with ingenuity and innovation in mind when they were created. This watch is a well-designed piece of time making art. The appearance of the watch gives away the quality and craftsmanship through its incredibly obvious high class architecture.

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