Lange 1
The Lange 1 watch comes in four different models including the Grand, the Daymatic, the Moonphase and the Time Zone. Each of these watches offer distinct features that are exclusive to this watch. This watch was named the first new watch of the new era, and offers the brilliance and legacy of the Lange brand. It has become the most acclaimed of the mechanical wristwatches with its ingenuity and design. The classic look, yet highly engineered mechanics make this watch incomparable with others in the same caliber.
Superior watchmaking takes precision and fine engineering, which the Lang 1 has plenty of. The outsized date is superior to any other watch in this category. The readability of this watch is in a far higher category than any other watch of its kinds. The display on this timepiece offers inspiration from Dresden Semper Opera. It offers a solid silver dial which enhances the brilliance this watch. The face plate of the piece has gold or platinum Roman numerals depending on the style of the watch chosen. This piece has twin mainspring barrels that offer a power reserve for three days, or 72 hours.
This timepiece is constructed with precious materials such as the 18 karat gold or platinum case. The case’s face cover is made from sapphire crystal, and protects the watch from the outside elements. The strap is hand stitched crocodile leather that comes in various colors such as black or brown. This watch can also be purchased with a bracelet made from precious metals instead of the leather. Each strap is closed with a gold or platinum clasp. There are many fine watches available, but only few offer the quality and legacy that the Lange 1 offers. The design and architecture of this piece is far superior to any other watchmaker available.
The custom design and creation of the Lange 1 provides a manual wound dial and a stop seconds feature. The sub seconds dial offers a view separately from the main click feature on the watch. This helps to distinguish the two units of time in a much more readable fashion. The off-center display that characterizes this particular model has become a unique differentiating factor between this model and the other models in this brand of watches. The case is a large size at 38.5 mm in diameter and is only 10 mm thick. This has become a favorite among timepiece connoisseurs.

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