Lange 31

The Lange 31 watch is a one of a kind timepiece that offers a groundbreaking 31 days of power reserve. Although this is a hand wound manual watch dial, it has the ability to continue keeping time for 31 days. This is great for those who often forget to wind their watch. They will not lose the ability to tell time with this watch. The classic design of this watch is understated with the rose gold or platinum designs to choose from. The round piece offers a sapphire crystal case backing as well as a crocodile leather strap that clasps with a tang buckle.

This watch offers a double digit date visible through the window that corresponds with the day of each month. There is a seconds sub dial that keeps track of each second that passes. This great timepiece features a unique winding mechanism that does not take as many winds to keep the watch running. There are numbers on the watch to distinguish the time, but there are classic notches that display the time with precision. The look of this watch creates a stunning display of fine craftsmanship and engineering at its best. One would expect nothing less from A. Lange & Sohne brand of watches.

Precision of a timepiece is a sought after feature in many who purchase superior watches. This particular timepiece is exquisitely made and custom crafted to tailor to the needs of many who need a high level of power reserve in their watch. The Lange 31 has the design and mechanical architecture of a high class watch, and the beauty of a piece of jewelry. The watch is a stunning 45.9 mm dimension piece that is only 15.9 mm thick. This offers a sturdy look with a classy style that is perfect for any sophisticated man.

This timepiece that is bound to become legendary comprises aesthetic artistic designs with incredibly well engineered power in the mechanics. The finish of the mechanical pieces in this watch is hand finished and polished, as with all of the Lange watches. The powerful technology used to create this mechanical structure is far superior to that of other high quality watches. There is enough energy that is stored in the Lange 31 to power the watch for 31 days without interruption. The watch speaks for itself with the ingenious features that are unique to this particular watch. The entire watch offers a high quality and construction.

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