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Lange Langematik Perpetual

The Lange Langematik Perpetual is a first of its kind self-winding watch that has never been made in history. There has not been one timekeeping mechanism in history that has had a self-winding mechanism created. This is a legendary piece of history crafted for eternity in mind. This watch features a perpetual calendar that has a moon phase displayed on the watch. There is also an outsized date that features a two digit number corresponding with the day of each month. A masterpiece of its time, this watch has easily surpassed anything remotely in its class, and stands above the rest in a class of its own.

The dial on the Lange Langematik Perpetual is crafted with solid silver, and the hands are made with rhodiumed gold. The sapphire crystal case covers the watch, and protects this fine piece of timekeeping machinery safe from all of the outside elements. This watch is water resistant for up to 30 meters or 100 feet. The Roman numerals feature the time for each hour on the dial. The rich round face of the watch is distinct from any other superior watch. There is also a seconds sub dial on the watch that allows the seconds to be tracked.

This watch is the only one of its kind that will not need to be reset on leap year in the year 2100 as it will automatically synchronize itself. This watch is prepared to stand the test of time and all of the changes that come with it. The Lange Langematik Perpetual can be a legacy gift offered down to many generations to use. It has been developed with the future in mind, so this can be a great family heirloom to be enjoyed for many hundreds of years.

The watch is designed with a hand stitched crocodile strap and a tang clasp to match the precious metal used throughout each watch. The moon’s phases can be easily detected as the dial glides over this function of the watch.  The Lange Langematik Perpetual offers superb engineering with a sleek design made to last for generations. The case is a round shape that is 38.5 mm in diameter and only 10.2 mm thick. Advanced thinking was involved in crafting this timepiece. There are no other watches like this one, and can be referred to as a legendary piece of jewelry or art. There are special features such as the wave bracelet that can be purchased with this watch.

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