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The Arnold & Son dynasty began with the birth of John Arnold in Cornwall in 1736. The son of a watchmaker, and an uncle who was a gunsmith, John Arnold had a passion for precision engineering and metalwork from a very young age. Leaving England at the age of 19, John Arnold moved to the Netherlands upon completion of his apprenticeship to master his watch making skills. Returning two years later, Arnold established himself as an esteemed watch maker. Arnold and Son Watch. Afer resenting the tiniest repeating watch ever manufactured to the court of King George III, Arnold made a quick rise to fame, and acquired a long list of affluent clientele. John Arnold was not only one of the most innovative and inventive watch makers of his time, but he also developed and held patents for helical balance springs, detent escapement, and bimetallic balance. Arnold was responsible for the first timepiece to be named a chronometer, the term that indicates precision watches, even today.

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John Arnold became very close friends with Abraham-Louis Breguet, sharing ideas, and together they entrusted each other with their sons and their apprenticeships. The watch makers integrated themselves into not only watch making history, but their timepieces traveled the world with famous explorers on an array of voyages. Arnold and Son for sale. A company clock was presented to the Observatory of Milan in 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte. Becoming a part of the Switzerland watch makers, the family developed an impressive collection of calibres, and they launch over two new movements in their brand each year. The buy Arnold & Son heritage that has been developed along with their reputation is only enhanced by the fact they develop a new movement for every single model. With over 200 years of tradition, the brand combines their hand crafted elegance with modern technology, for every piece in their collections. Arnold and Son watches. The development and production facilities are located in the heart of the Swiss watch manufacturing industry, in La Chaux-de-Fonds. By keeping their facilities in an area surrounded by experienced watch makers, the brand could acquire the finest talent of engineers, and craftsmen with an eye for precision, and a focus for the highest of quality in every timepiece.

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Combining art, technology and tradition, the Arnold & Son watches timepieces continued to derive inspiration from John Arnold, even after his son John Roger took over the business after his father’s death. Accuracy and reliability have always been a trademark of the brand, suppliers of choice for the Royal Navy, and certainly a brand that pays homage to it’s forefathers. The watches for sale from the Arnold collection use only the finest materials, platinum, steel or 18-karat gold. The is proud to offer a large selection of the brands watches for sale including the Scout Scout, GMT II, Grand Complication, Longitude II, True Moon, Hornet, and Limited Editions models.

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