Bovet – Swiss Made, Fine Watchmaking Since 1822

The master watchmaker, Jean-Frederic Bovet, had his legacy instilled in his son Edouard Bovet and the brand took form in 1822 when the company was registered in London.  The center of the manufacturing found a home in Fleurier and the exquisite decorations and horological excellence became the heart of the brand.  The transparent case-back was founded by Edouard and reveals the expertise of the masterpieces, the Duples escapement for example, which has been the brand movement since 1822, until the lever escapements made their debut.

In 2006 the birthplace in the village of Fleurier, and the castle were up for sale because the upkeep of the historical monuments were too expensive.  A man who shared the deep love of hological excellence, Pascal Raffy was the only buyer who was in a position to preserve the heritage and take the brand forward.  He acquired the Chateau de Motiers and brought Bovet back to its birthplace.  With Raffy at the lead the innovation of the brand was reborn and the future was set in motion.   For thirty years the watch industry had awaited this rebirth and this renovation that would bring watchmaking back to its brilliance.

Raffy had found his love of watchmaking when he was a child, his grandfather was a watch connoisseur and shared his collections with him.  Looking at each timepiece, young Raffy would understand the features, review their history, the technical aspects and artisitc evolution of each.  He found a passion that would grow inside of him, and fuel his quest to build the brand to new levels of success.  The in-house movements carefully crafted by the artisans of the company were once again the heartbeat of the timepieces.  Making aquisitions that would provide complete independence for Bovet, Raffy wanted the highest quality and tradition that had originated in Fleurier.  There is a high respect for the technical advancements introduced by the brand, and for the fact they remained true to the watchmaking traditions.  Pascal Raffy is a man who is not only methodical, organized and intuitive, he is considered a visionary and has let that guide him in his success with the brand.

Timepieces advanced with the Amedeo-system allowing conversions to a table clock, a pocket watch, a necklace watch, and even a reversible watch.  One of the most prestigious tourbillon movement manufacturers, the Bovet brand brought horological excellence to every timepiece it touched and produced.  Certainly noted for the pocket watches it crafted in the 19th century, the brand currently produces high-end artisitic masterpieces.  Keeping true to the history of the watchmaker, the beautiful and artistic dials help to create showpieces that are renowned for movements as well as tradition.  The company has been known for employing women artisans, which again makes them unique and a leader for many reasons.  The brand will continue to innovate, and clearly leave a mark on the centuries ahead.