Breguet Classique Complications collection is one of the finest Breguet has to offer. The attention to detail is not surpassed on any watch in the collection and the unique features are so exquisite there have been three patent applications filed to protect them. The outstanding original winding system, constructed with one regulating system and unique differential gearing. The winding and time-setting mechanics are developed as a two-part system to allow for precision centering of the crown. The exceptional beauty and construction of this collection is truly remarkable.

The detail of the mechanics and the finish of one piece in the collection is just an example of the quality of workmanship you have come to expect. Detailed with the same brilliance as the original, the Breguet Classique Complication 5347 features a sophisticated hand wound mechanical genius of twin tourbillons. Each one of the tourbillons works as an independent device, rotating on its own axial every sixty seconds. Balancing each other and providing you with double accuracy. The way Breguet delivers precision and perfection. The tourbillons are mounted and used as the dial, delicately hand decorated in a beautiful silver and both hands are then crafted from rose gold and set to contrast that engaging background. If this design is not enough to have you impressed, the piece is also water resistant. The watch is not small nor it is overwhelming, but it is massive in premier polished platinum. The other models are not any less amazing, but you would expect that from Abraham-Louis Breguet who himself designed and created the first tourbillon watch. For anyone who is not aware of the origin, Breguet, in 1795, created the design to void the effect of gravity and how it impacts the accuracy of pocket watches.

Designing basically a perpetual pocket watch with a power reserve of more than sixty hours, the Classique Complications selection is timeless.


Breguet watches continue to be one of the most reputable names in watch-making and continuing over 225 years is impressive in itself. Today, the challenge for excellence continues for any watch maker who wants to confront such perfection. The technical puzzle presented by the Complications design, the skill of the handwork, coupled with the history of this art, simply cannot be matched. The unique features the watches themselves present, the hand crafting, the fact you purchase not only a perfect timepiece, but a collectors piece all in one drives the demand for these quality Breguet Classique Complications.