Expecting only perfection from Breguet you would once again be delighted with the latest collection and masterful design of the Breguet Marine. The Breguet Marine is the first tourbillon watch to feature a silicon escapement. This material; innovative, lightweight and so versatile allowed for the creation of the balance-spring, escapement wheel and lever to craft a tourbillon that was so light and in effect non-magnetic, shock-resistant, and has no requirement for lubricants. This technology and the use of titanium for the tourbillon carriage created a more lightweight watch.

Combined with the mastery and design brilliance of Abraham-Louis Breguet who with the chronograph function created this luxurious and quality timepiece. The Breguet Marine comes in several styles, the latest Marine 5817 automatic brings a new movement, a slightly larger case, rubber strap and redesigned dial to the already popular sports model. The artistry in creating the tough steel case, that not only protects the crown but also provides increased water-resistance. The sleek look of the gold dial that is silvered or blued as your taste can choose, and then modeled with a wave pattern that laid in provides a spectacular design.   The Breguet Marine is constructed with a sapphire-crystal display-back that allows the view of the elegant finish of the refined automatic movement with the beautifully sculpted edge, winding-rotor, enclosed with the blued-steel screws and then artistically completed with the trademark wave pattern that identifies the Breguet Marine.

Of course you can choose the style that reflects your specific personality and perhaps you prefer the case that comes fully paved with baguette-cut diamonds. This style of course would not be complete without the bezel, set in trapeze-cut diamonds arranged in staggered rows and presenting you with the elegant expression of taste and exception. The watch is complete with about 186 sparkling gems that have a total weight of about 11.77 carats. Presentation is everything, and on your wrist you could not ask for anything more exceptional than the Breguet Marine to be the master timepiece as your selection.

The Breguet Marine certainly lives up to the history it was meant to represent, as the Marine 5817 was originally designed for the French Royal Navy in 1815. Of course like all Breguet’s the sophistication, elegance and tradition continues in this collection and offers you the choice of a steel bracelet or rubber strap for your wrist. So to combine such excellent tradition with sleek modern pleasure is only what one has come to expect from Breguet.

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