The Breguet Reine De Naples is so beautiful and elegant, in a class all it’s own. The watch was crafted originally by Breguet, for Caroline Murat, the Queen of Naples. Now nearly two centuries later the timepiece has been recreated in a tribute to that artwork. The Breguet Reine De Naples is such a exquisite piece that it could never be imitated.

The case is slightly oval in shape, soft and delicate, the crown set directly at 4 o’clock, and the dedicated bracelet ball-lug, each a specific, distinctive characteristic of a feminine masterpiece. Each of these signature features enhanced by others in the collection make it a timepiece that any woman can wear, and allows it to be both a watch for leisure or formal wear. The watch is now showcasing a new steel version that is slightly larger than the others in the collection. The steel version has been able to maintain the detailing of the symbolic version.   Previously the Reine De Naples was only done in gold, set with diamonds, but now, expanding the collection has allowed this watch to be embedded into any lifestyle without sacrificing one small part of the discriminating elegance. The newer version still reflects the same soft curving case, the off-set crown and the ball-lug, precisely at 6 o’clock securing it to the supple alligator leather strap. The dial is chalk white mother-of-pearl and decorated with two Arabic numerals that are relief-painted. The Breguet movement is viewable as in other collections through the sapphire-crystal case back.

Breguet watches have been charming women continually through the ages. Queen Marie-Antoinette of France, Empress Josephine, Marquise de Condorcet and of course the Queen of Naples with the inspiration of the Reine De Naples. With all the versions available in the collection there should not be one woman who could not find the piece she would love. Breguet is sought after worldwide and this tribute piece has only added to the reliability and artistry that customers seek. Breguet has been referred to as perfection that mated with beauty, and crafted this most technical work that showcases the watch making brilliance in ladies watches.

The Breguet Reine De Naples utilizes the newest in material that provides the precision and reliability the world has come to expect in men’s timepieces and now shares in contributing to the excellence of the women’s line. As greatly anticipated as all of the collections, the Reine De Naples is no exception.