When you take innovation like Breguet, and couple it with tradition, you escape with a vision, that is come to be known as the Breguet Tradition collection. Taking it’s place in the exclusive collection, and joining the line of already outstanding elegant timepieces, another masterpiece is created. Three new versions have emerged, one that showcases an 18-caret red gold case and a 507DR calibre with red gold-plated finish, and two that have the 18-caret white gold or red gold case housing the movement, with a matt grey NAC finish. Depositing a charcoal-grey alloy of precious metal that is part of the platinum family, this surface treatment electroplates the timepiece. Each of the three new watches is spectacular in it’s own right. From a more ultra-modern flair to the tradition that inspired the collection, the micromechanics that resides inside the technical architecture of the construction is entirely unique and opens a view to the innermost components.

From the time that A.L. Breguet started his art of watch-making in 1775, he has been known for his perfection and precision, the attention to detail unmatched by anyone. Providing his work to Napoleon Bonaparte, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Winston Churchill and so many other magnificent leaders of history, Breguet has only been associated with quality and art, detailed and hand-crafted. The Breguet Tradition collection follows the two century-long design of meticulous detail that leaves nothing to chance. Still today, Breguet Tradition is respected for the utmost quality and most accurate of watches you can buy.

There are many things that set Breguet timepieces apart from others, but the unique open works design is truly the most artistic. Hence you find that every part carefully hand crafted, sandblasted to bring out the natural beauty, the intricate detail of each inner gear and the parts that work together to bring consistent, accurate and unsurpassed excellence to each and every timepiece.

The Breguet Tradition watches combine the old world refinement with new world trend to create yet another timeless collection. Breguet invites you through a journey of time, recognizing the origins of the past and the vision of the future. True to the flawless craftsmanship that stands with the Breguet name, there is nothing that has been sacrificed in masterfully capturing the innermost spirit of the Tradition.

Presenting the first watches with a silicon balance spring and escapment, in 2006, Breguet has continued to expand the technological advancement and grow the uses of materials and innovation to expand the Breguet Tradition collection and share the new designs with the world.