The Breguet Type XX was designed in the 1950’s for the French naval air arm, and now introduced in a civilian version complete with a self-winding movement, but retains the fly-back function that is needed for flying search patterns. The technical distinction of this piece has a chronograph minutes counter that is positioned in the centre, like the seconds counter, and specific to the aeronautics enthusiast. Uncompromising detail and strong construction have inspired this timepiece for those customers wanting a true original and technical sports watch. There are two versions that Breguet has presented: the Aéronavale and the Transatlantique. There is also a version of the Transatlantique that is made for women who also want the technical advantage and aeronautic functionality.

Breguet watch was chosen to supply the Frency navy watches because of the need for complete accuracy and excellence. Creating the Breguet Type XX not only accomplished this feat, but crafted a very simple style, with easy to read numbers and perfect for a naval officer. While the Type XX has remained popular and traditional, there are also a XXI and XXII, with the basic difference being the size of the case. The Breguet Type XX comes complete with a date function, 24-hour indicator, a small seconds hand and is watertight up to 100 metres because of the screw-locked crown. With a 42mm diameter case it is a relatively popular size for any career.

The Type XX collection is the epitome of casual and elegance paired together with carefully chosen colors and crafted case designs that work day to day for the customer. Made with very simple materials, stainless steel used for case, bezel, and bracelet. You can choose a black dial with the white luminescent for the hour numbers and hands. It has such a attractive appeal, allowing just relaxed beauty and complete simplicity. The Type XX offers affordability, but the same accuracy and allure that every Breguet collection inspires.

Recognized for the precision and quality that has been provided for over two centuries the Breguet brand remains unmatched in the workmanship and hand crafting. The intricate inner workings of very timepiece is legendary and inspired. The Breguet Type XX is just another technical masterpiece that continues to set the stage for brilliant results from the company. Symbolizing the artistry of watch making, Breguet brings excellence once again to the time honored collections with the Type XX.