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 Honor and Pride

Bvlgari is an Italian brand that not only honors culture and heritage by their designs and product lines dating back to 1884, but also with generations of skills handed down. When Sotirio Voulgaris Bulgari immigrated from Greece and opened his first store in Via Sistina in Rome this brand has established itself in the art of silversmith, and that skill is showcased in the brand pieces, sharing such beauty and intricate details. The pieces are crafted and created to meet every style and taste, and filled with honor and pride for a history of brilliance.


Family Future

After the death of Sotirio in 1932, the brand wanted to achieve higher goals, and continue to advance into a new era. His sons who had worked by his side building the reputation, establishing the luxury elements and insuring the craftsmanship worked to renovate and expand. The iconic pink and beige Italian marble became the mark for new stores, and the logo was updated with the traditional Roman alphabet replacing the U so that Bvlgari became firm and established itself into the fashion world forever.


Stepping Back and Stepping Up

As World War II took a toll on everyone the brand stepped back from using precious stones and high end metals and placed their focus on designs with yellow gold. Never wanting to sacrifice on quality it was still important to remain frugal during this period. As the war ended and prosperous years followed, the brand expanded platinum designs, and once again developed exquisite pieces with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Expanding and becoming a staple for celebrities, socialites and nobility, the brand was inspirational around the globe.


Leisure, Luxury, Lasting

As Bvlgari moved ahead they transitioned their designs to architecture, they adapted a new vision, they continued to expand and see the future. The third generation stepped in around 1967 and brought further innovation, international expansion and a path that propelled the brand through the years. In 2011 LVMH Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE acquired the long owned family business and blazed a new future, a further diverse portfolio and a road to even more fame. Bvlgari is elegance at its best, and luxury to leisure there is everything you could want. From the jewelry lines to sunglasses, rings and watches to diamond necklaces, and who knows what future surprises they have in store. There is nothing they cannot do when they put their craftsmanship to work, and certainly nothing will stop them from leadership of the future.

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