Bold and Brilliant

Representing a masterpiece in the Bvlgari collection, the Octo is truly a dazzling timepiece. The watch was originally created with the direction of the remarkable Gerald Genta. As part of the brand collection this piece is a perfect balance of elegance and power. The extraordinary case shape plays a pivotal role in making this watch so eye-catching. The original timepiece is designated as one of the boldest creations in horological history. In 2000 when the brand acquired the Gerald Genta group they quickly listed the timepiece in their catalogue. This current collection is just as impressive as the orginal collection, and in fact has only grown in how spectacular it is.


The Octo design that Bvlgari crafted has a refined minute repeater that chimes a tone very similar to the Big Ben UK clock. The tourbillon mechanism presented in the timepiece is just another example of skill and mastery demonstrated by the brand with every piece. A classic model of this watch certainly deserves accolades as it stood tall on the inventive design chart and creativity was off the chart. The octogonal cases the timepieces are showcased in have been fitted with a round static bezel, that alone is outside the box of classic watch design rules. The shape is one that conveys harmony, power and balance. What better shape to represent the masterpieces in this collection and capture the essence of Bvlgari.


Characterized by striking masculine elements, the Octo collection presents distinct bezels, daring shapes, transparent case backs and a exquisite exterior that is polished with a satin finish. While the exterior would make these watches a collectors dream, the inner workings of the timepieces are crafted with the utmost attention to detail. This current watch is powered by the Caliber BVL 193, automatic winding and featuring a date display mechanism sitting at the 3 o’clock marker. Equipped with a 50-hour power reserve, the reliability is perfection and what beautiful detail the timepiece delivers. The dial is polished and black lacquered, reflecting the refined details of the collection and of course the overall brand quality. As a highly legible watch, the display is traditional Bvlgari style, and crafted to be elegant and unique. Each of the timepieces from this Octo collection carry a sense of exclusivity, an ambiance that just breathes from every element. As the appeal for this timepiece grows the respect for the brand also gains in popularity. This watch is a clever addition for anyone who wants to be noticed.

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