Divas Dream 

Sparkle and Shine

Taking inspiration from divas that grace Rome’s history, as well as the history of Bvlgari, the Divas Dream collection embraces sophistication and elegance. Certainly the women who shine in society; courageous, brave and passionate can be emulated by the brand in their desire to capture that inspiration. The Italian luxury jewelry brand has focused on Rome’s ancient baths and Italian women and their beauty rituals, as well as glamorous women who sparkle in life and glitter the world with their beauty.

Color, Color, Color

The brand is known for color combinations that are striking and bold. This Divas Dream collection is no exception and captures color from pink rubellietes and tourmalines to exciting amethysts, spectacular midnight-blue sapphires and envious emeralds. The pieces in the collection while playful are just exquisite in beauty and elegance. The inspiration of this collection is truly quite the story. We know the brand loves Rome and so to take those roots and create a collection that is true to that is remarkable. The Roman Empire expressed power, wealth, and beauty in a number of ways, but certainly ornamental in the colors that dazzled the city. The city of Rome was paved with green, yellow and marbles of multi-colors. The imperial palace stood in glory, the Baths at Caracalla emblazoned with color and beauty. The signature fan motif was born from these baths, and where the Italian women grasped the elaborate beauty rituals. That shape is what holds the inspiration for the collection that breaths femininity.

Masterful Designs

Bvlgari has always be inspired to create from their heart, capturing so much in their masterpieces. The colorful fans that this collection has designed in necklaces that cascade down the neck, providing an openwork design that modernizes the collection, but also provides a combination of gemstones, and a blank space that is filled by just the beauty of the diva herself. Rings that make a statement, pave diamonds that twinkle like the stars. Masterful design starts with dreams and inspiration.

Delightful Divas

Bvlgari has always had vision, and crafted masterpieces that gain acclaim from around the globe. The Divas Dream collection were designed as a celebration that every woman is a true diva, one who is unique, individual, elegant, sensual and carefree. A woman who truly shines and is envied by everyone is a brand inspiration. From the ancient beauty rituals to the modern beauty regimens, precious metals, sparkling diamonds and color filled gemstones capture that spirit. Glamorous women live among us, and Bvlgari makes sure they get noticed.

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