The Cartier Santos is a collection named for the Brazilian aviator, Alberto Santos-Dumont.  Louis Cartier was listening to Alberto complain about the pains of having to use a pocket watch, the lack of reliability, the inconvenience of location.  So in 1904 Cartier created the first men’s wristwatch ever manufactured.  Crafted in both men’s and women’s, solid steel or a elegant two-tone gold, the Cartier collection is a masterpiece.  Cartier created the watch in automatic and quartz movement, with elegance and sophistication in mind.  As a gift for a friend who was frustrated with the pocket watch, Cartier changed history with this creation and provided the world with a superior timepiece.

The Cartier was created with thought, crafted for comfort, and designed to be functional and accurate.  Setting a standard for all other watchmakers, the Cartier opened the door for timepieces that has gone on now for generations.  The design of the Cartier Santos was aesthetically pleasing, functional, precise in the ability to keep accurate time, and comfortable to the wrist.  To be able to design a flat wristwatch, with a square bezel, and attach a strap that did not require an elaborate pins mechanism was quite the feat.  In 1910 Cartier also created and patented the folding clasp, once again projecting the usefulness and life of the wristwatch in the future.  The deployment-folding clasp remains a century later in the Cartier collection and proves the genius of the creator.

There are four sub-collections in the collection today, the Demoiselle, Cartier Galbee, Dumont, and the Santos 100.  The entire collection includes over seventy five different models for both men and women.  You choices are immense, with quartz, automatic movement or chronograph models, and steel, white gold, gold, pink gold, platinum and titanium.  You can embellish the design or keep it classic and simple.  Your choices are virtually endless in selection and creation of this collection. Watchmakers never imagined the impact this would have on the world, or the simple functional ease this brought for the wearer, changing history without truly being aware of the enormous future.

Transcending the test of time, the Cartier Santos truly has remained classic, and withstood style changes, and decades of time piece evolution.  With such character, sophistication, and refined elegance there is no wrong choice in this collection.  Inspired and created with magnificent beauty, the history at its best.

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