Cartier Tortue

Cartier Tortue resembles the Roadster collection, however the shape of the case is where that similarity ends.  This collection classic is masterfully crafted in solid gold and some models are adorned with the finest of diamonds surrounding the elegant case.  This watch collection is created with manual winding movement and is as beautiful in creation as it is sophisticated in design.  This is like luxury encapsulated in perfection.

Cartier is known for creating the finest and quality precision time pieces, but the Tortue collection is even above the stylish and magnificent pieces that preceded it.  The classic 18k rose gold and diamond encrusted case, the synonymous silver dial, alligator band and striking sapphire, scratch resistant crystal.  The outside beauty is not overshadowed by the inner masterpiece of mechanical movement.  Technologically brilliant, the Cartier Tortue achieves the brand founder’s quest, balancing aesthetics, functionality and building.

The iconic time piece is not only affordable, but timeless in every aspect.  The design of this watch is really genius. The spherical curves, the functionality of precision, the countless quality that is built into every watch-maker’s collection.  There are choices in the Cartier Tortue, like in all the Cartier collections.  They have selected the best and brings what works to every collection.  The blued steel apple shaped hands that are easily recognized as Cartier, and add such exquisite class to the watch.  The transparent sapphire crystal back is again that simple elegant touch that signifies why this watch and jewelry brand is so respected and renowned in the industry. The watch variations come in 18k yellow gold, and pink gold, in the two sizes.

In 1912 when Louis Cartier introduced this watch it represented timeless elegance, and it still stands for that today. The chronograph model is perfect for someone who is looking for practical and sophisticated.  The feminine design, the classic beauty that the Cartier Tortue represents is why it has withstood all time and still strikes one as a very ideal selection.  The perfect watch that represents a stylish and sophisticated woman, the Cartier Tortue can be a marvelous complement for a boardroom or a bedroom, and represent the precision of the moment.

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