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A brand known around the globe since the 1920’s, Chanel is more than just a brand, from fashion and beauty to jewelry, it is everything.  When you hear Chanel No 5., you know it is the best selling fragrance in the world, but when it was created in 1921, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ ruled the Paris fashion world and her step into perfume was unchartered water.  The name came from her superstitious belief in the virtues of the number five, and the story is that she chose the fifth sample presented to her, and the name took its place in history.  The historical merge of fashion and fragrance took hold and at the same time the brand exploded with cosmetics and skincare lines as well.

The pricing of the brand is considered affordable and the marketing team really does an amazing job on all products.  While the fashion side of things was classic and elegant and understated, the jewelry side was quite the opposite.  With very ornate designs and flashy styles, the jewelry line really ignited the industry with costume jewelry, a line that was inspiring because only wealty folks could afford jewelry at that time, being that it was made with precious stones and fine metals.  Pricing limited the number of pieces a woman could wear and at the time costume jewelry was really considered faux-pas.  Coco Chanel changed that thought process and combining pieces of costume jewelry with her fine jewelry collection really drove the industry and changed it forever.

The fundamental belief that jewelry should be fun and a great mix of fine and costume still lives on today, keeping the legend alive.  From a quilted handbag to a little black dress, that iconic double C logo that stands recognizable around the globe is one that will stand forever.  Coco was born in 1883 and the brand itself was first established in 1909, and she stood in the chief designer role until her death in 1971.  A leader that revolutionized so much, she opened the door on fashion with more comfort and casual clothing at a time when corsets dominated, and her jewelry lines still are elegant, exquisite and elaborate.

Chanel will always be one of the finest and most established fashion houses in the world and a leader in every other place they have touched.  Every woman feels like Marilyn Monroe when they wear Chanel No. 5, and we all love that double C on our arm, such classic elegance and timeless beauty that touched the globe and everyone in it.

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