Chopard Classic Collection

The Chopard Classic collection is a perfect blend of vintage past and classic modern, creating a brilliant timepiece that captures the exquisite pocket-watch that cemented the brand foundation, and connecting it with a present day wristwatch. This brand collection provides selections that offer elegant ladies watches and sophisticated men’s selections.

The design team at the brand has crafted some absolute gorgeous choices. The shapes and sizes of the cases within the collection are very adequate for the name. They are very traditional, round, oval and square shapes, timeless and developed to perfection. Because of the basic shapes that are offered you might think it limits the design options, while in reality there are no two watches that are alike, that is in fact what makes the collection so unique.

The Chopard Classic collection watches also have varying face selections as well. Some of the designs feature regular numbers, some with Roman numerals, and some utilize only subtle lines. The color variations of the faces come in white and gold. The embellishments on the timepieces offer yet another truly elegant touch, diamonds are set to provide slight glitter and sparkle. The stones can be found on the case, bevel or face of the timepiece, as well as on the strap.

The straps on the collection can come in metal, leather, and in some cases satin, and the enhanced diamond version are also available to create a very feminine strap that is breathtaking. Certainly any woman would be honored to wear such beauty, and with 18k yellow, white or rose gold as options, luxury is easy to achieve.

The Chopard Classic collection started with a very understated design and took inspiration from the original designs, and plain porcelain dials, gold-toned hands and simple shiny black Roman numerals. Certainly the design team has made wonderful advances in making this collection more unique, while still maintaining the lovely foundation that makes this look so strong. So if you are looking for a unique timepiece that is built from a quality foundation, equipped with precision and reputation, you have found it.

The brand history shows the passion for excellence, in jewelry and in timepieces, crafting such creative and remarkable pieces. So as you look for the perfect timepiece for your own collection, know you have choices that can capture your personality and the brand passion in these timeless selections.