Innovative, creative, and totally inspirational, the Chopard Happy Diamonds Collection pays tribute to the most precious stones, allowing free movement, twirling and shimmering between two sapphire crystals. Ronald Kurowski, a brand designer was fascinated with the brilliance of the unset stones. Totally incomparable in dazzling beauty, the gemstones capture dreams and hearts with a single sparkle.

The designer wanted to craft a timepiece that would do justice to the stones, allow a freedom of movement and yet showcase the beauty of the light. Creating a dial set between two sapphire watch crystals, surrounded by the gems floating free, sparkling and bringing a special glimmer to every second and letting time pass in a new light. The concept was brought to life creating the unique Chopard Happy Diamonds Collection.

A patented design, the brand created a signature on each piece, and a certificate of authenticity. The collection offers men and ladies designs, with a range of pieces that opened the door for other items of jewelry, perfume and accessories. The timepiece collection won numerous awards, and other forms of recognition which propelled the public acclaim and popularity for the collection.

The Chopard Happy Diamonds Collection features models like the Happy Darling, Happy Diamonds 150th Anniversary and Happy Hearts pieces. The jewelry house offers distinctive designs and expert craftsmanship, crafting jewelry and watches that last a lifetime while perfecting the art of embellished jewelry. For decades the brand has delivered unique and dynamic designs, incorporating simple concepts that capture the beauty of gemstones.

The bezel setting of the stones and how they dance freely between the sapphire crystals displays the innovative style the brand has maintained throughout history. While new creations are introduced regularly by the brand, they do a large number of designs that utilize the floating stone concept. The brand classic styles are still some of the most popular, and are what identifies the brand as a leader in the industry. These combinations of styles are what keep the brand fresh, and what will drive the next generation of designs, both in timepieces and other jewelry lines.

Certainly each of these watches in the collection would make a wonderful gift, and nothing says your special like quality and exquisite shimmering beauty. So if you are looking for something that will reflect timeless style, and elegant refined perfection, then choose a timepiece that is magical in floating twinkles.