Chopard Ice Cube Collection

The Swiss brand has been handcrafting horological timepieces for over 150 years. An exquisite example of this manufacturing is the latest extension in the Happy Diamond collection, the Chopard Ice Cube Collection. Combining their brilliant and innovative timepiece crafting with their beautiful and elegant jewelry designs, the newest watches are breathtaking.

The contemporary design is visible in all of the pieces the collection encompasses, every piece of the jewelry lines, including the watches. The materials that were used in the designs are pure, flawless, no matter if you choose white, rose or yellow gold and the majestic stones used in the collections are simply breathtaking. The design still shows some geometrical construction, but with a softer and more graceful alignment.

The Chopard Ice Cube Collection ladies series are featuring dials and bracelets that are set with a grid of cubes also constructed in white gold, yellow gold, diamonds and colored stones. The invisible hour markers, and blued hands sit behind a scratch-resistant crystal, making it sleek and elegant. Each and every timepiece is built with a precise quartz mechanism, and set into a square case of steel, the color choice in beautiful white or yellow gold.

Some of the selections are paved in glittering diamonds covering from dial to case, and including the bracelet, taking on the look of solid small blocks of ice, shimmering at every angle and gently set upon every inch of the timepiece. These designer watches showcase 60 carats of diamond and certainly not a piece for everyone.

The brand was founded in 1860, and in addition to their history of manufacturing the high quality unique timepieces and jewelry lines, they also are recognized for their design of the Golden Palm award presented at the Cannes film festival and they are one of the ongoing sponsors. The Chopard Ice Cube collection is certainly one of the most creative the brand has developed, using state-of-the-art technology and excellent artistry.

One of the top brands of the watch industry, it is respected and wanted around the globe. In order to be affordable for everyone, the brand has crafted many timepieces within the collection that still show the bling, but not the bite when it comes to out of pocket expense. Wearing one of these watches on your wrist will definitely get some second looks, and a lot of envious glances.

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