Chopard L.U.C. Collection

For decades the brand has gained favor across the globe with precision timepieces, artistry in design and quality movements. Now the brand introduces the Chopard L.U.C. Collection, a remarkable example of why they have been bestowed such honor. Using the initials of the brand founder, it is no surprise that innovation is still driving this collection to new heights. Collectors look for timepieces that are unique, crafted with excellence, and not just another pretty piece of jewelry.

The brand creates their own in house movements for these timepieces, something that also makes true watch connoisseurs want them even more. One of the new timepieces, the Engine One H, is a great example of creativity, the movement is inserted in the case horizontally instead of vertically, providing a new design, and great new size. The manual wind is crafted with an engine-like appearance, linear grooves, and excellent 44.5mm wide titanium case. This collection is limited edition with only 100 pieces to be manufactured.

Another magnificent piece from the Chopard L.U.C. Collection is the Lunar One. The perpetual calendar showcases a power reserve of 70 hours, and the power reserve is one of the most significant features of the collection. There is even one Tourbillon movement with 200 hours of power reserve. The extensive reserve is achieved with two spring barrels working in sequence with each other, and placed slightly over each other.

The other feature of these timepieces is the micro-rotor. A true masterpiece used in some, but not all of the movements within the collection, the micro-rotor developed by the brand is crafted from 22k gold, providing higher mass, and a exquisite touch. The device is enclosed by bridges on three sides, and embellished with Geneva Striping. One other very specific detail of the collection, if one looks at the back of the movement, the highly respected Geneva Seal.

This seal is not easy to acquire, and is the highest honor in the form of approval. The Geneva Seal is a standard of how movements are built, decorated and completed. The brand is one of very few to have earned this coveted stamp. The Chopard L.U.C. Collection features the spectacular movment, but also shows the artistry in the design of the case and the dial, attributes that set it apart from other timepieces.

The offering of the pink gold case is very unique, and such a classic design, complimented by the silver dial, it is breathtaking. While the timepiece is also offered in white gold, the brand did make a statement with the creative design. The perpetual calendar functions are also laid out nicely for these watches, placing the big date at 12 o’clock and the moon phase at 6 o’clock. The precision of the timepieces is amazing, only one day deviation every 122 years.

To finish the design the oversized Roman numerals are a perfect touch, and provide classic elegance to the contemporary look of the timepieces. The timeless beauty of the watches are what draw collectors and propel the brand to be such a highly desired commodity around the globe.

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