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Sea to Shining Sea

The CVSTOS timepiece, the Challenge Sea Liner, is just a further display of the continued success the brand has had with their tourbillon Yachting Club model.  The Swiss watch maker has crafted this timepiece with the same movement, skeletonized date disc, and supporting functions as the other collections, but also introduced striking blue segments on a teak wood base.  While the nautical aspects of the watch might seem limited, the inspiration and Mediterranean spirit are visible and attractive with the chic sporty style, beautiful aesthetics, and over arching elegance and style that are in the design. From sea to sea, this global beauty will be high on demand.

Performance Perfection

The brand conception for this magnificent watch should be no surprise for those that are aware of the innovation and creativity that is a foundation for CVSTOS.  It is clear that this true base of this design was inherited from the sister model, but beauty is only skin deep and so the characteristics of this new Challenge Sea Liner are like none before.  The exquisite features of this watch start with the transparent sapphire glass dial, coupled with the open case to provide visibility of the amazing and intricate mechanics of the openwork watch movement.  To adhere to the nautical aspects, the sides of the case feature four porthole-style apertures which allow the view to the heart of the timepiece.  Nautical motifs are just a lovely adornment that furthers the allure of the design.  The creation of this model had performance in mind, as the exclusive automatic calibre embraces the coherence that the brand strived for.

From Start to Finish

Looking at this beauty one would never recognize that over 60 individual components of the CVSTOS CVS350 movement were personalized and structured in the design for the openwork motif.  The Challenge Sea Liner had a bridge crafted to add sturdiness to the mechanics within the movement, and of course this was artistically refined by teak marquetry to fit the theme.  The design also is intricately structured and balanced with tungsten and titanium to eliminate vibration and guarantee better rotation and speed.  The watch is water-resistent to 100 meters, and is finished with a rubber strap in blue or white, and a spectacular folding clasp.  The timepiece is presented at 53.7mm x 41mm x 13.5mm in the tonneau case with choices in steel, blued steel or red gold.  There is also a beautiful white gold limited edition but with only 25 pieces.  You might not be a sea faring individual, but you can certainly feel like a captain with this unique and creative timepiece on your wrist.

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