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Firm Eterna 1 of the most old watch companies. And 1 of the most recognizable. Almost all other brands used cars ETA for own hours. The founders of the company are allowed to put the physician Josef Girard and the farmer Anton Schild. In 1851 they organized a masterly manner consistent with the production of  buy watches Eterna in Grenchen, for this to display degrees of decline. First virtuoso had a chance to cover, in relationship with the financial neuvvâzkami. However, Girard did not give up, and in 1856 opened a brand new manufactory, together with the offspring of Anton, URS Schild. "Dr. Girard Schild" was the ancestor of the firm Eterna.

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The company's source lead to earnings only in 1863. After leaving the doctor Girard, Schild was rebuilding the industrial base and achieved such that the factory had the latest equipment, which allowed to automate the creation of. It soon became clear, though the production of chronometers in no way evokes the projected benefits, and was swept to issue a watch in front of their name. With this medley buy watch Eterna steel time after time to beat the professionals and connoisseurs. The most basic invention of the firm Eterna watches for sale device was automatic. Probably including that reflected in the logo of the brand. The self-acting rotor winding spun because of the expense maliankara bearing on 5 balls. Their caliber was in mm. Thanks to this prispoobleniy increased the impact of work hours and power reserve. Since 1948, was first released such a device, the system actually does not change almost any the highest quality of inventions was not made. 

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The formation of the company was according to the ways of reduction of volumes of Eterna watches. Ultra slim and ultra light the latest models produced from 1-other. Brand Eterna has had a lot of medals at international watch exhibitions. At present the company produces a mechanical way, and quartz timepieces, however, the portion of theautomatic chronographs steadily grows. In 1995 the audit package promotions company acquired Alexander Porsche. From those times is a narrow joint work between Eterna watches and Porsche. The latest watches Eterna for sale are produced with the mark "Porsche Design". 

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