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Franc Vila

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Brand Franc Vila is named after its founder, a young and energetic Spaniard franc Vila. His idea of creating the dial and mechanism-of-eight, which symbolizes infinity and balance, has stimulated the birth of an extraordinary type watches, recognizable throughout the world today. "My timepiece is I," says a young biochemist, designer and collector's buy Franc Vila, who in his 35 years effortlessly went all the way to the top time Olympus. Artful arrangements of his watch surprised by its complexity and unusual design - the simplicity of the solutions. In the first watch brand Franc Vila were the mechanism of the minute repeater, perpetual calendar, moon phase display and the world's first sliding mechanism, but the Creator didn't stop there and continued to improve his watch. "Build the future, respecting the achievements of the past" - this is the life philosophy of the Franc Vila for sale, and only the constancy of the speed of eight may transfer his desire to look back in order to climb even higher.

From the earliest days of life company Franc Vila watches surrounded by a special aura, and the masters do not hide this fact. They always and everywhere represent "unique spirit" of their watches. But Esprit Unique - not just a motto or slogan of an advertising campaign, it's strategy and tactics, philosophy and purpose of the young factory. The search for new solutions in the world of horology is not easy, but the goal watches Franc Vila even more daring - to create unique arrangements.

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Control technology is of inertia was the first innovation of the manufacture and remains unique so far. This technology allows the owner to be confident in the accuracy of their watches. Guarantee is permanent and overdelicate regulation of time in hours. The next time the manufactory was surprised by watch connoisseurs, presenting differential wheel. This radical new spherical system allows fast, two-thirds of the account, starting the clock mechanism. The system is based on wheel lever, which includes the planetary gear. The planetary gear system is reminiscent of the motion of the planets around the Sun, and that led to this name. Feature - wheels-satellites that constantly rotate around a fixed gear, while constantly turning on its axis. Thanks to this complex and versatile system, the power reserve in hours up to five days.

The first watch in which were combined the above-mentioned complications, was the model of FVa No. 1 Tourbillon Planetaire. He exchanged for trifles, as the first hours, entirely developed and produced in our own workshop, Franc Vila watch for sale has created a tourbillon - king of horological complications. Stand out - the essence of Franc Vila, and tourbillon on top in layers. If you look carefully, you can see the level of the dial, the tourbillon level, the level of the shooter. In connection with this case Tourbillon Planetaire is very bulky and in the case of gold, red or white, weighs 185 grams. The model is offered on a crocodile strap with a corresponding gold buckle. It is worth noting that the case back is transparent and you can observe the work of the mechanism. A series of limited edition, each year produced no more than eight copies - Franc Vila price 2015 does not change its lucky number.

The design of the clock, in order to achieve the desired balance of classic and modern. The following limited edition FVa No. 4 Tourbillon Dial Side Column Wheel Monopusher Chronograph also present control technology inertia and differential wheel Assembly. On the wave of interest in the work of the clockwork model was made half-skeleton, and it is possible to observe the slightest movement of its parts. The sight is even more exciting when you consider that this model combines a tourbillon and a chronograph. Needless to say that working chronograph totally unique! Usually all the chronographs are working on the principle of an automotive transmission, in other words, all parts move sequentially, but in the model FVa No. 4 - direct clutch system in the tourbillon carriage. All the wheels are moving at the same time, after pressing a single button. Instead of residing on the bottom of the chronograph mechanism is at the level of the dial, in full view of the astonished owner. Waterproof standard model FVa No. 4, as FVa No. 1, is 100 metres away and a sports version hours waterproof to 300 meters. The housing may be created from white or red gold, steel or titanium, strap - rubber or crocodile leather, hand stitched.

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In addition to sophisticated models manufactory Franc Vila watches for sale and offers a simpler, but no less perfect in execution watch. Modern and elegant, they represent a new perspective on watchmaking tradition. All models of these series original body and parts of the mechanism are made of red or white gold, or heavy-duty blackened steel, or titanium alloys. Following the "spirit of uniqueness", the masters are ready to make a watch from any other material, under the orders of the owner. A choice of a strap is always actual crocodile skin or rubber. The design of the clock remained traditionally innovative, the basis of all the dials mother-of-pearl is coated in some models with guilloche inserts. Annually no more than 88 (and again a lucky number) copies of each line. In addition, all models are water resistant to 100 meters.

Working on the model FVa No. 7 Master Quantieme Automatique, designers Franc Vila made a trip into the past, looking to the future. Stylized astronomical calendars 40-ies of the last century, blending with the characteristic feature of the special arrangement of the pointers. In the centre of the dial in a rectangular aperture located indicators for day of week and month, and moon phases with date - display is located above the number "6". Decoration is certainly mother-of-pearl dial low tide two colors.

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Traditionally the next step on the ladder of complications after the annual calendar is a perpetual calendar. But to follow this path would be too easy to watches Franc Vila, and they decided to combine a perpetual calendar and chronograph. Model FVa No. 9 Chronograph Master Quantieme Automatique - mechanical chronograph and a perpetual calendar function that doesn't need outside interference. To kind of watch is extremely sporty and elegant pure. This effect is made possible due to the location on the mother-of-pearl dial four big indicators, bright colour which stands out on a dark mother-of-pearl dial.

Youth manufactory Franc Vila watches and vitality of its founder does not make the Geneva-based brand to stop halfway to perfection. They do not seek to make a revolution, but every year make the leap, they don't want to break tradition, but constantly carrying out reform - they just work.

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