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Franck Muller

When you think of timeless elegance, you think of the Franck Muller brand. For the past twenty years the history of the brand watches have built a foundation of passion, precision and innovation, the qualities that are placed in every timepiece. Masterpieces that have been crafted and created to bring collections that possess a contemporary spirit and style that has become legendary in horological society.

The brand timepieces are some of the finest around the globe. The manufacture was founded in Geneva with the goal of establishing exclusive timepieces that were both original and beating with complicated movements. That is still true today, but taken a step further in combining boldness and creativity with this outstanding horlogical brilliance. Born in Switzerland in 1958, to a Italian mother and Swiss father, Franck was raised with an open mind from a multicultural environment to the creativity and discipline that would foster his innovative spirit. He was mesmerized by mechanical devices from an early age and after spending a few years at the Geneva School of Watch making he found his path for the future. He was blessed with a gift, technical talents, and a passion that fueled his heart. After working on many timepieces and treasures people sent him to restore and fix he started creating unique timepieces under his own name.

With a dedication to his work Franck Muller in 1983 presented his first watch collection. The timepieces all had a complicated movement, created entirely by himself.   Understanding that there was a demand for unique timepieces, he decided that creating highly complicated watches would be his quest, and launching his brand took form. In 1991 he met Vartan Sirmakes, and together they developed the brand that stands tall today. The technology brilliance of the founder in recognizing the Tourbillon significance helped the brand in accuracy and precision, but creating a timepiece that allowed the Tourbillon to be visible from the front, that was a masterpiece. That design earned him the title “Master of Complications”.

The shared passion the two founders had, helped to shape the Franck Muller brand, bringing everything under one roof, conception, manufacturing, engraving, servicing, after sales and every step. The home base for the brand was enchanting, and helped inspire the creations for each timepiece. The peaceful and serene surroundings captures the heart of perfection the brand aspired to. Remaining independent has always been a brand priority, so knowing that the brand is also one of the few that manufactures 100 percent of their cases and dials is no surprise.

While round watches are plentiful, and the rectangular ones certainly have their share, the easily identifiable tonneau shape of the Franck Muller designs is what provides the recognition. The elegant cases, the spectacular and intricate designs, and high complex movements are all pieces to the timeless collections. Hand finishing and hand craftsmanship are the foundation of the brand, providing an individual identity to each piece, and contributing to the infinate value that every timepiece possesses.

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