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Harry Winston

Since 1932, over 80 years Harry Winston has been creating an illustrious history and incredible future of find diamond designs. The founder was a very smart business man, a really dedicated and brilliant gemologist, and a man who set the standard for the ultimate in fine jewelry and high-end watchmaking. Having many names throughout his life, from “King of Diamonds” to “Jeweler to the Stars”, this innovative nature and design philosophy is what propelled the brand and what continues to fuel it forward.

This design masterpiece that the brand built the foundation on is where the gemstones are the inspiration, not the traditional metal setting. Acquiring many of the world’s famous gemstones, building the brand following and creating salons around the world, the brand over eight decades has ascended to being the best. As each diamond chosen is exceptional, from character, quality and cut, the Harry Winston brand truly believes each one is different, and has to be handled like a person.

Not the typical diamond purchase for the brand, as evaluating stones is more than the “Four Cs”, gemological expertise and vision add to crafting perfection. Once a diamond is chosen and cut, then the brilliance of the stone shines through. This beauty is what the brand designs around and allows for the perfect setting to be created. Starting with a sketch, it allows for meticulous detail to be drafted, and then the craftsmen can truly bring harmony to the overall design. As a pioneer in platinum settings that appear to be floating, the brand utilizes this most durable precious metal, and also compliments the colorless nature of the diamond, the goal to bring the beauty of the diamond to the front of the design.

The ability to not distract from the diamond’s natural brilliance was not only innovative by Harry Winston, but what truly set the brand apart and allowed for the house to grow into one of the most respected in the world. The dedication and passion that the founder had in his business approach, he aligned with elegance, exquisite beauty and people that would propel that belief. Growing the company, expanding around the globe, and maintaining the relationships he built along the way, Harry Winston never waivered in his love of gemstones. He died in 1978 and today his legacy continues. His son took over the company and further expanded with new locations, and a new watch collection. That timepiece expansion has also grown, headquarted in Switzerland and continued dedication to precision and perfection. Diamonds still remain a focus, as the gemstone collection added a name sake Winston legacy diamond and a Winston Blue that is the largest known blue diamond. The beauty that inspired the original foundation is still the heart of the brand and will continue to be the driving force for the future.

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