Idalgo – New Design from HD3 and Jorg Hysek

The international design team behind HD3, which stands for High Definition Trilogy, includes Jorg Hysek, Valerie Ursenbacher, and Fabrice Gonet. They have worked together for fifteen years, and Hysek claims that he finds this collaborative effort inspiring. In the first round of designs that the trio undertook, each designer worked specifically on one model of watch. This collection was helmed by Jorg Hysek, who is famous for his attention to detail and appreciation of classic Swiss watchmaking traditions. All of these influences can be seen in the luxurious façade and inner workings of this collection.

The HD3 Idalgo took a year and a half for design completion. Hysek has stated that the process of watch design is similar to evolution, and you can see that in the fine details that are included in this famous design. To finish off the details, the company upgraded their factory and trained a whole new generation of watchmakers in the art of high quality luxury wristwatch design. The end results are well worth it, with this being the landmark in this field, in line with Hysek’s sterling reputation. There are several different versions of the Idalgo, including automatic or manual Tourbillon mechanisms.

One version of the HD3 Idalgo features a 43mm black PVD case with 18K rose gold inserts, a black leather strap, gold tone hands, and a skeleton dial. Another has a rectangular curved rose gold case with a silver, rose gold and black dial. All watches within this collection are water-resistant, have a 100 hour power reserve, and hour, minute, and second hand functions. They have scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and may include bonus features such as jump-hour features and retrograde minutes in the case of the automatic designs.

Overall, the HD3 Idalgo is meant to represent the idea of modern “haute horlogerie,” taking watchmaking to the same designer level as some of today’s finest works of art or fashion design. Jorg Hysek has given the display the impression of having two movements, although there is only one. In technical terms, the face side of the watch features dual rotary oscillating displays, and a jumping hour aperture. Overall, it is meant to convey reliability, power, and a robust sense of contemporary design. These values would not be out of line in automobile design, but they are brought to the small yet important stage of watch making. This is one of the most interesting offerings from the HD3 team.

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