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Hublot Big Bang 44

Hublot already recognized for excellence in workmanship, reliability and exquisite design enjoyed special acknowledgement from the partnership deal with the Spanish football team. The Hublot Big Bang 44 collection featured a special limited edition that showcased a Spanish flag on the case edge and was highlighted as the official watch of the Euro 2008. This was not the first debut in the world of football that was first shared with the Swiss team, and then later this deal with the Mexican Football Federation. The watch was a limited edition featuring only 250 pieces.

The Hublot Big Bang 44mm collection is great for larger wrists and certainly recognized for the size and features presented.  This collection is larger than the other men’s watches, featuring really great extras as well as just a watch with a larger face.  The watch includes the extra features without crowding the time face.  You can have the three chronographs, the hour and minute markers, second hand, and of course an elegant face that easily displays an easy to read dial.  With the Hublot 44mm you get an impressive timepiece no matter which piece of the collection you choose. There is a more standard watch within the collection that features a simple dial, and two standard hands, but also showcases them with a bright blue and gold brilliance.

The Hublot Big Bang 44mm is such a masterful creation, and not only for football athletes, but the skiers wanted in on the exquisite timepieces as well.  The Swiss watch maker created a limited edition collection for top skier, Maria Riesch, launching a white Aero Bang Garmisch. this watch became the official timekeeper of the Alpine World Ski Championships, and has previously been associated with other top skiers.  Maria Riesch, was born in Garmisch and is currently number one in the World Cup classifications.

Hublot continues to bring the highest of quality, and increase its brand recognition in many areas, certainly delivering excellence in timepieces that is unsurpassed in the industry.  Hublot, of course being a Swiss watchmaker, has been linked to skiing and mountains through culture as well as the attachment to all sports and rooted Swiss origins.  Hublot Big Bang 44mm and sports are coupled in many areas; football, skiing, Formula 1, sailing, polo and always associated with the best of the best.  Recognized as one of the most innovative and luxurious watchmakers, Hublot, is respected worldwide.

When Hublot became the official time keeper, and recognized as the official watch of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, they took their place at the start and finish lines, as well as featured on all broadcasting networks.  Hublot is proud to represent the sports, the champions and the culture, allowing everyone to respect not only the quality and reputation but also the dedication to values and community.

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