While most Swiss watch brands have been with us for centuries, Hublot is just a baby, founded in 1980. The fact that the brand has risen quickly to success is no secret and respected around the globe by competition and clients, thanks to one vision, that of Carlo Croco. That vision started very simple, he wanted to just create his own timepiece, separate from his uncle’s, to stand on his own design. In the end his vision was to break traditions of watchmaking and to craft the rubber strap.

Today it is hard to find a timepiece that is not rubber strapped with at least one design from each of the collections of the century old Swiss watchmakers. The introduction of a rubber strap on a luxury timepiece was unheard of when Croco first designed, and to be placed on a gold case was even more shocking. But finding the right rubber was not an easy task, it took the founder almost three years, and over a million dollars to find the perfect material. The special rubber was created to not crack or stain, and had a perfect combination of comfort and strength which was developed by fusing steel and rubber together. The chemical process also mixed a rare and potent vanilla with the rubber to eliminate the odor and provide the most excellent finished product.

The first clients were Kings, the King of Greece, Spain, Sweden and the Prince of Monaco. They loved the idea of luxury watches that were comfortable, and still dressy but casual. So the jet set became obsessed with Hublot and while that worked for a while, soon the trouble for the brand started. Copycat timepieces were everywhere, so the novelty soon was found on every wrist, and the unique watches were no longer in demand. In order to recapture the unique style and bring the brand back to the top, Croco needed to take some major chances. In 1987 they manufactured the watch with a white dial, replaced the ETA quartz with mechanical movements and added some models that would compliment the Hublot Classic. Searching for a future, the brand needed direction and vision that could work together. Croco had the attention of royalty, but Jean Claude Biver had relaunched Blancpain and really had a following, but because of some personal tragedies he was left without a brand, and wanting to create a new path, he chose Hublot.

The original designs were clean, and unique in their creation, so going back to those roots, traditional watch making, but utilizing unexpected materials, like gold and ceramic, pink gold and tantalum, Kevlar and rubber, each of these a fusion of movements and traditions. The Hublot brand has continued to build on those principles and design unique luxury timepieces. The MP Key of Time model, allowing a wearer to slow down or speed up time, creative and limited for any buyer.

From 2011 onward the brand raced forward becoming the official watchmaker and timekeeper for Ferrari, and successful timepieces for the brand. Each year the brand continues to showcase new designs, to continue the growth of new ideas and capture the heart of clients that inspire to own these watches that have elegance and ease allowing them to really enjoy time with exquisite beauty.

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