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Buy Jacob & Co Watches - Jacob and Co watches 2015 Pricelist

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Jacob Arabo had a passion for infusing jewelry and timepieces. Growing up in Russia, migrating to the United States at the age of 16, Jacob continued on this quest for design, and enrolled in a jewelry design course. Taking his natural ability for crafting unique and revolutionary timepieces he opened his own business in 1986. Jacob & Co watches. furthered his creative genius by integrating quality, and artistry, as he brought elegance and edginess to both men and women’s jewelry and timepieces. With the success that the brand received, it was clear that the company revolutionized both men’s and women’s watches. In 2002 crafting unique and signature styles, Jacob emerged with The Five Time Zone Collection, a truly exciting combination of bright bold colors, and multiple time zone technology.

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Capturing the excitement of his clients, Jacob was inspired to create an international masterpiece, that showcased many of those well known celebrities, such as David Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Bono, Sir Elton John, Derek Jeter, Justin Timberlake, and Sean Combs. The watches for sale by Jacob & Co. became a high demand must have for music industry artists, and entertainment professionals. For those in the market to buy watches Jacob & Co the brand is world renowned for exquisite craftsmanship, artistic brilliance, and quality precision for watch making. For the past quarter century the company has shown innovation and vision that has remained untouched by competition. From fashion, music, and film stars, to an ordinary person that loves fine watch making, the brand has delivered the finest in workmanship, in addition to top customer service. Attracting men and women alike, the brand continued to expand and manufactured several other time zone styles, as well as an Automated Chronograph, transitioning the company into an even more sophisticated movement arena. With the company growing so rapidly, the brand reached around the globe, while still introducing even more colors and jewelry accented pieces. The buy Jacob & Co watches. Originality set the brand apart from every other design, and yet vision kept pushing them forward and never letting them stalemate. Respected world wide for quality and value, the companies creations of jewelry and timepieces continue to service the most discriminating of tastes. One of the most unique pieces that the company developed is the Five Time Zone, "The World is Yours" timepiece.

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A vivid bold design, the watch took the diamond dial and crafted it into a world map utilizing different colors of diamonds to form the oceans and continents. With endless design and style choices in this collection it is impossible not to find one you love. Even with the limitless choices, the brand continues to expand the collection each year, using new colors, and materials to form the map. In addition to the unique and creative artistry of the designs, the company also challenges the mechanical technology, and strives for complications that have never been seen before. The H-24 collection introduced a single mechanical movement that was used to power the four world time indications, a first in the history of watch making. The expertise in creating and crafting the Jacob and Co. watches for sale continues to deliver products that are amazing. From the Quenttin, that launched the Epic Collection to the limited edition Rainbow Tourbillon collection, the company never stops in their delivery of impeccable and magnificent masterpieces.

The watches for sale Jacob & Co in the collections are crafted from a variety of metals, including stainless and platinum, as well as white, rose and yellow gold. Available in diamond and non diamond styles, the Swiss watch making designs from the company, for men and women, continue to be innovative and meticulous in their precision. World of Luxury is proud to offer a large selection of watches including the Five Time Zone - 47mm, Five Time Zone - 47mm 3.25 ct, Five Time Zone - 40mm, Five Time Zone - 40mm 2.0 ct, The World is Yours, Epic I, Epic II, Six Time Zone, Caligula, H24, GMT, Grand - Five Time Zone, Global, Five Time Zone 57mm Jumbo, Crystal, Automatic Chronograph, Rainbow, Moscow, Royal, Palatial, Brilliant Diamond, Quenttin, and Discontinued Models models.

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