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Jaquet Droz

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Jaquet-Droz-clock tower, the acts of which the quantity is near 3 centuries. The founder of the building is considered to be Jean Pierre Droz. He appeared in 1721 in La Chaux - de-Nobleman, where in 1738 hour reveals virtuoso. In 1784 reveals manufactory in London, then in Geneva, where calling the most qualified watchmakers such delay.

Pierre Jean Draw together with the offspring has created a thriving company in accordance with the production of automatic watches and automatic dolls – automaton. In 60-ies XIII in Jean Pierre Droz gives the Spanish courtyard of mechanical watches and dolls. At the court of king Ferdinand VI he will have a praise.

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Obtained the required amount Jean Pierre Droz brings to the imminent formation of the jet device, an animated clock with birds and a fountain, musical clocks and automatons. Buy watches Jaquet-Droz factory Jean Pierre Droz made a huge fortune in micro-mechanics. Their product and watch took advantage of the success and delivered in a variety of powers. Watch company struck including a strange yard, his head with the king of the Qing dynasty, coy showed great enthusiasm for watches and automatons. In the Imperial castle at times so amazing preserved pocket watch and the rest of the car. Then watch company Jean Pierre Droz was called James Cox London.

Clock tower Jaquet Droz watch for sale was revived before the umbrella of the Swatch Group. Assortiment continuously expanding. Formed the newest versions of watches, wearing a size exclusion temper. The dials are made that way because of minerals: quartz, onyx, meteor. Dials Jaquet Dro brighten the most different materials used, including the number of unique - from dinosaur bones on semi-precious stones such as aventurine, spectrolite, rutilated quartz, meteor and onyx.

This art have experienced cutters, the result of the labour which is expressed in the truncated series of 8 pieces in hours or produced on request. The dials of watches Jaquet Droz have a chance to be in the technique of hot enamel" Grand Feu – company know-how. Some dials are made in the technique Paillonne: subtle Golden patterns applied by hand to the base of clear enamel. When finishing time the anti-tank Rifleman used branded blue paint.

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Figure 8, being the emblem of infinity, is the amulet of Time Building. In Asia, the digit 8 is the emblem of prosperity and eternity. In almost all States say that a person conversant with the subject this emblem is lucky. For Jaquet Droz prices 2015 Fosca is considered to be the epitome of perfect balance. Actually all like about this brand, that way or another connected with this number.

Another signature symbol, a signature clock company buy Jaquet Droz watch is considered to be engraved on all watches) Shamrock clover. It is impossible to see with the naked eye. The bridges are decorated with a pattern "Geneva waves".

Watch company Jaquet Droz watches is seeking the newest heights, using a machine with complicated functions: tourbillon, fleeting repeater, perpetual calendar, jumping hour, retrograde moon-phase indicator, chronograph.

Jaquet Droz watches for sale - real splendor, dressed in shyness.

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