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Omega Constellation

Recognized as glamorous and luxurious, the Omega Constellation is created in artistic design with exquisite materials.  The high level of sophistication these timepieces exhibit is unmatched to the quality inside the case, one that has earned the chronometer certificate for many of them.  The outer look, never understated, can be described in few words, diamonds, gold, sparkling stones, and elegant refinement.

The timepieces are designed with a modern, trendy look, crafted in yellow, white or red gold, and embellished with stones that add the highest level of jeweled excellence.  Offered in both a men’s and ladies’ line, the watches do bring something for everyone, with the Luxury Edition adding just a little extra for the women.  The Omega Constellation Small Seconds Ladies’ Chronometer is a stunning combination of design brilliance and Co-Axial technology.

Crafted in different sizes, the cases are designed to attract men and women, while providing ease of visibility and beauty in the overall artistry of the bezel.  These chronometers are precise timekeepers, and the 30.10mm brand took home many honors, including a victory over Rolex, a market leader in chronometers.  This construction was released in 1939, and by the time 1946 rolled around they had manufactured more than 100 thousand, in addition to the fact they were used in World War Two by various combatants.

Having firmly established themselves as reputable watch manufacturers, delivering precise and quality watches, they crafted the first Omega Constellation in 1952.  The timepiece was branded with a night sky lit by eight stars, an observatory emblem that appeared in gold or stainless steel on the backside of the case for every model.  Each timepiece also was sold with a  Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres, the certificate of precision.

As the flagship for the brand, the company produced the timepiece in modest numbers.  Being the first automatic chronometer watch to feature a 12 sided dial, it was a popular piece and has remained the top selection through the years.  Holding the top spot for chronometer production for a number of years, the brand had market dominance until 1969, surpassing Rolex and their Oyster-Perpetual Chronometer during that time.

The accuracy and reliability of the brand pieces is what customers admire, while the exquisite beauty of the watch only adds in value and appeal ability.  Another of the famed timepieces the brand has produced this collection remains high on the list for collectors, and on global radar for casual elegance.

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