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Patek Philippe Complicated Collection


A watch is more than just a way to keep track of time; it is an indication of a person’s overall sense of self, style, and taste. Each person has their own sense of style, and World of Luxury offers a variety of luxury watches from some of the most respected manufacturers to make it easy to find a watch the communicates a level of sophistication and taste that cannot be duplicated. World of Luxury offers authentic, brand name designer luxury watches at affordable prices, even for some of the most sought-after brands.


World of Luxury is proud to feature luxury watches, including the Patek Philippe Complicated Collection, the Calatrava Collection, and the Nautilus Collection. Patek is a family owned company that prides itself on its exclusivity and fine craftsmanship and boasts nothing less than perfection. Antoni Patek, a Polish immigrant, began making pocket watches in 1839 in Geneva with fellow immigrant Franciszek Czapek. When the pair separated in 1844, Patek partnered with French watchmaker Adrien Philippe, who invented the keyless winding mechanism.


The two founded Patek Philippe & Co in 1851.World of Luxury features several luxury watch styles from this Patek Philippe Collection. Their unique designs make them incredibly valuable as well as desirable. Both men’s and women’s watches are available. The Patek Philippe Complicated Collection is a collection of luxury watches that are much more than simple time pieces. They represent the finest art in watch making, and connoisseurs are in agreement that this brand represents the epitome of luxury watch perfection. This watch brand is one of the most well-known watchmaking companies in Switzerland that still manufactures all components of the watch in-house, from cases and bracelets to the movements themselves.


World of Luxury is proud to feature a wide variety of these incredible time pieces from the Patek Philippe Complicated Collection, including  the Annual Calendar, Perpetual Calendar, World Time. The annual calendar complication offers a highly accurate date, day of the week and month along with moon phases and power reserve indication. The perpetual calendar complication is powered by a mechanical self-winding caliber with a 44-hour power reserve. The dial features the day and month in apertures and the moon phase indicator is accurate for 122 years and 45 days before needing adjustment. The world time complication displays multiple time zones and is perfect for the international traveler.

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