Patek Philippe Gondolo: Art Deco Meets Quality Design

The Patek Philippe Gondo is recognized as the perfect combination art deco and quality design in a watch collection released by the company.  These particular timepieces inspire modern luxury and the finest quality.  This particular watch series represents the company’s freedom of creative design and commitment to the legacy of the Patek Philippe company name.  This particular watch series was released in 1933 as a dedication to the Chronometro design created by the watch-maker for Gondolo & Labouriau, a well-known Brazilian retailer.  The watch provides the perfect representation of its formerly created inspirational piece

Even the numbers on the face of this Patek Philippe collection’s watches are created with art deco inspiration in mind.  The swirls of the numbers are artsy and yet simple, a combination that is hard to achieve, even by the most qualified watch manufacturers.  There are many styles featured in this series of watches.  The Gondolo 3943 features a sleek cambered tonneau casement shape and is available in 18kt yellow gold combined with the artsy, sleek look of a yellow gold band.  This quartz powered timepiece reflects the accuracy and quality that the Patek Philippe Company relies on when creating unique watches.

The Patek Philippe Gondolo watch series also features rectangular shapes, rounded edge designs, and square shaped faces.  Each one is created based on the inspiration of the Art Deco stylization.  In fact the 5098P model, which also features a tonneau shape, is available in platinum to add to the stylistic Art Deco quality look.  The sleek, smooth edges of the face provide a modern touch that creates just enough of a luxurious look without going overboard.  This contemporary watch series breaks the mold of traditional elegance norms by presenting the creative design that can only be accomplished by this renowned watch-maker.

The shape of the Patek Philippe Gondolo goes against the modern watch making trend.  Therefore, the free flowing design of the watch pattern that encases high-quality design and uncomplicated technology is supreme when compared to other watch manufacturers.  There is no way to replicate this watch series and even come close to the performance and quality that went into the manufacturing process of each timepiece.  Available in stylish shapes, and a variety of dial colors, these watches are designed to suit the wearer for all occasions.  The fashionable style of the watch cannot be compared to any other timepiece in the world due to its unique structure.