Patek Philippe Nautilus: Durability Lives in the Nautilus

The Patek Philippe Nautilus collection is one of the most renowned watch collections based on its strength and durable look.  Just one look at this watch collection and you know that you are wearing a supreme watch that will outlast time.  First released in 1976, this collection was inspired by the designers desire to create something that was strong, universal, and engaging.  Thus, the porthole shaped face of the watch came into play.  Although this style of watch has undergone many changes over the years, they have been subtle changes so that the look of the watch remains classically elegant and yet features a hint of modernization.

The originality of the watch can still be seen within the Patek Philippe Nautilus.  The face still holds the same porthole design and wide, strong band.  The face of the watch, on the other hand, contains a more modern look than its predecessor.  The hours, minutes, and seconds tick quietly down through a transparent dial covering to reveal a well-designed chronograph that reveals the manufacturers unsurpassed skill.  Timepiece design has definitely been mastered by this watch-maker, as is revealed in this collection.  Available with crocodile leather or steel bands, this watch has progressed to a luxury sports watch.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus is the most prized of all of the Patek Philippe collections.  In fact, the original version of this watch is considered a unique find at any antique auction.  Therefore, the classically remade version is also regarded as a unique treasure by its wearers.  This watch reveals the Switzerland based company’s ability to manufacture a watch perfectly through all stages of development.  When watch buyers seek superiority, they know to look for the engraved watch-maker’s name.

Although this particular watch series is classically designed, underneath the timeless look is latest-generation technology.  Developing each and every movement of the watch, carefully selecting each pivot, edge, and well-polished tooth is what makes this company such a superb watchmaker.  They make sure that every aspect of the watch is done in perfection from the very beginning.  No watch leaves the manufacturer until it has been deemed perfect; therefore earning the brand’s engraving that marks its uniqueness.  No replication even comes close to the quality and superb design of the Patek Philippe Nautilus watch collection.  Others have tried to replicate the design of this renowned collection and failed because there is only one unique Patek Philippe manufacturer.