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Founded in 1917 in Lengnau, Switzerland, the Swiss Luxury watchmaking company, Rado is known around the globe for innovative design and the use of revolutionary materials. The brand was Schlup & Co. in the beginning and started with brothers, Fritz, Ernst and Werner. The modest brand became one of the largest producers of watch movements by the end of World War II. Beautiful and durable timepieces are the foundation for this brand and date back to the 1962 launch of the first scratch-resistant watch. The company philosophy has always been “if we can imagine it, we can make it.”

Dreams Do Come True

While the brand was founded early on, the Rado brand name didn’t evolve until the 1950’s. Creating some amazing collections throughout the brand history. The Golden Horse collection debuted in 1957 as the brand celebrated its 40th anniversary. In 1958, shortly following the prior collection, the Green Horse collection was introduced and marketed on water resistance. Gaining popularity with each creation, the brand established a presence in over 61 countries by the end of the decade.

Standing Tall And Shining Bright

As the international acclaim took hold the brand continued to stand out from other watch manufacturers. Iconic timepieces like the DiaStar were released to be the world’s first scratch proof watch, and demand skyrocketed. The creation was a response from the brand to customers wanting a robust timepiece with comfort and wear-ability. This is is just one example of the innovative approach the brand takes on design and materials. With this craftsmanship the brand introduced hard metal and sapphire crystal to the industry and changed known standards.

Innovation Gives Birth To Revolution

Rado trudged forward in design creations and worked tirelessly to push innovation within the industry. In the 1970’s and 80’s the brand debuted a gold DiaStar and then introduced a Dia 67, which was another innovative creation. The case was constructed of a true edge to edge metalized sapphire crystal. Quickly following this was the use of the high tech scratch resistant ceramic on the bracelet. That ceramic would become one of the brands signature materials.

Ceramic Tops The Charts

The launch of the Rado Ceramica in 1990 brought the world a completely integrated watch case and bracelet crafted with sapphire crystal and the high-tech ceramic. Around the globe the launches of this brand timepieces continued to draw attention. In 1993 the Rado Sintra was a first, a timepiece made of cermet. The innovative workmanship creating a titanium based ceramic and combining it with metal. As innovation continued they introduced the Ceramica which featured pioneered plasma ceramic, a remarkable color and material combination that provided a mysterious metallic glow without using any metal. Astounding feats for horological brilliance.

Innovation Drives Creation

Rado continued to push the envelope with design and entered the millennium with the introduction of the eSenza. A timepiece that was a first for the brand and for the world. The innovative timepiece was a first designed without a crown. A V10K was released in 2002 crafted with a high-tech diamond, hard and resilient as a real diamond. Closing out the decade the brand presented the r5.5 collection, a direct honor to their heritage and a true masterpiece for design and craftsmanship.

Change Is Forever

As Rado never is satisfied with driving change, they continued to inspire with an ultra-slim ceramic masterpiece, the True Thinline, and a sporty yet chic HyperChrome. As technology started inching in on timepieces, the brand was not going to be pushed to the side, and the Esenza Touch was born. Crownless with a simple touch and swipe, the timepiece was clever and stylish. Adding a chocolate brown ceramic to their color palette in 2015 they will never stop moving forward.

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