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Rado Sintra

Another exquisite collection delivered by the brand with the same elegant and refined characteristics, Sintra features mens’ and ladies’ timepieces. This series is crafted from the same high quality materials and then created with the brand ambitious designs. Sleek and graceful the collection provides a sophisticated and modern choice with the same comfort and reliability. The Sintra collection combines titanium and sapphire crystal with the ceramic genius Rado is recognized for and delivers these contemporary and classic timepieces. There are a number of watches in this series that can bring something for everyone. Sleek and elegant, or dark and mysterious, choosing a silver dial, or a timepiece encompassed in black, this collection allows you a personality timepiece that can fit every mood. Ladies or gentlemen can adorn their wrists with perfection and find the exact match they are looking for. Sintra even has a diamond watch that can become a jewel on the wrist and a timekeeping companion.

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