Rolex Air-King


Founded in 1905, the Rolex company is today one of the biggest companies in the world.  Producing over 2000 pieces per day, the brand is one of the most valuable and easily recognizable with the ‘crown’ logo. Leading the way for watchmaking, the brand has countless innovations that are featured on the majority of watches manufactured today.


While the Rolex Air-King is but one of many design models, it is elegant, and has a great history that sets the stage for its story.  One of the Oyster Perpetual range time pieces, this timepiece was a choice for battle of Britain fighter pilots.  Hans Wilsdorf, the brand founder, held the brave British pilots in high regard, and honored them with the original manual wind watch.


The Oyster Royal line had several pieces, Air Tiger, Air Lion, Air Giant, and of course the Air-King. Originally the dial was designed as a 32-33 mm diameter, while now most of the sports models feature a 40mm or larger dial.  Most of the models within this series remained in production until 1960, and yet this model continued with the brand, eventually being fitted with an automatic movement.


Featuring 14K and 18K bezels, water resistant cases, quartz movements, and utilizing the highest quality materials the brand strives to deliver quality and precision.  Gold and Stainless Steel components adorn the brand selections, while many of the designs feature diamonds and other precious gems. Status symbols for many, Rolex watches for sale are crafted for beauty and durability.


While many celebrities can be seen wearing the brand, advertising and print also spread the word across the globe of all the choices that the brand offers.  Through the years the look of the Rolex Air-King appearance has changed, some simple some more complex.  The sharp top of bar-shaped hands were changed to be flat, the bezel was smoothed and enlarged, the dial satin-finished, embossed and many other styles.


One of the most prominent from the brand showcasing a striking blue dial with silver tone hands and Roman numeral hour markers.  The timepiece is created with a domed bezel, 34mm case, stainless steel with a stainless steel oyster bracelet.  Minute markers outline the outer rim, and inside 31 jewels automatic movement, with a exquisite scratch resistant sapphire crystal.  Water resistant at 100 meters, the timepiece is just one of the many beautiful time pieces manufactured with reputation and represented by perfection.