For Perfection and Collection – The Rolex Daytona is Like No Other

For the watch aficionado, the Rolex Daytona is undoubtedly the most coveted and sought after luxury watch in the world. So few are available to the general public, and are snapped up so quickly, that not only does this timepiece stand as a symbol of luxury and pride, but also represents the hunt and chase of the collector after a prize specimen. This wristwatch is offered in both precious metal and stainless steel backing and components, and the waiting list to own a piece of status is extremely long. Not only is this watch beautiful, but is sturdy and practical as well.

Like every other Rolex, this collection is built to withstand difficult conditions and is intended to last. Water resistant to over 300 feet deep and extremely accurate gauging with the Cosmography functions, this extremely desirable wristwatch has a devoted following among the racing world. Utilized by professional drivers in the race car scene, this timepiece is like no other in its mix of exquisite beauty and proud functionality. Patented features like the tachometric scale keep this little beauty on the cutting edge of technology. Prized for its ability to help measure speed and distance, this luxury watch is priceless.

By combining the world renowned quality with innovation, the Rolex Daytona is preferred by racing fans the world over. Whether the course is the Autobahn or a racing speedway, this wristwatch is perfect to keep track of vehicle speed on a predetermined stretch of driving. As enduring as the sport of racing itself, the elite of racing will have no other watch. This masterpiece of finely crafted Swiss movement and durable shock resistant covering, this timepiece is the answer for every man on the go. The slender and simple design cloak sophisticated movements in a timeless symphony of craftsmanship.

The Rolex Daytona line is a testimony to the dedication to innovation. With many styles of this model to choose from, every man will find some aspect to his taste. Whether a man is interested in status and pedigree or exquisite functionality or the collector’s acquisition, this Rolex Daytona is a must have. Zenith movements guarantee the most accurate wristwatch in the world. For those who have sought after perfection, here is a chance to find a piece that is utterly without fault. By catering to exclusive tastes that demand the best, Rolex has created incredible timepieces that will always be desired.

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