Rolex Deepsea

Rolex Deepsea embodies the amazing feature of the brand, the faithfulness to the technical focus without compromising the stylistic aspects of the watches as a fashion wear. While the technical perfection of the timepiece to meet the industry needs give the watches a rare reliability and endurance, the stress on the fashionable aspects of the watch as an embellishment give it great beauty and value as a style appendage. It is an arena where beauty and quality meet marvelously.

The model is designed to assure the highest industrial standards for professional divers. It is water resistant in a depth of 3900 meters. The model was launched in 2008. However, it is the final product of years research and development in the water proofing front, an experience the company acquired by its interface with diving industry from the infancy of underwater exploration.  There are many siblings in the illustrious line of divers watch which have stood the test of time like the Oyster developed in the 1950’ and the Submariner and Sea-Dweller launched in 1960’s. The Rolex Deepsea is christened after the Deep Sea Special, the experimental one that made the amazing dip into the deepest point of the sea , a dip of 10916 meters and came out scathe free.

The model is the perfect professional which has witnessed the last frontier of the underwater.  A 44mm stainless steel case, a vaulted sapphire crystal and unidirectional tunable bezel with 60 minutes grading sum up the exterior aspects that everyone can see. Underneath there are technical aspects which are truly awesome. The specially developed Ringlock system enables the case to withstand underwater pressure equal to three tones on the crystal. The core strength of the sophisticated design excellence is achieved by using material that go into the making of the space crafts.

Another great innovation of the model is superb helium escape valve. One of the safety precautions that the divers should undertake before they come out from their pressure vault to the open is to spent some time in the chamber itself breathing a gas blend of helium. Helium due to its chemistry can penetrate everywhere including the watch. Leave aside the technical jargon, this feature prevents the entry of helium into the watch. The timepiece is not merely water proof it is helium proof too. Not all users of the model are divers. However, it a great feel to own a great timepiece to which Rolex has packed so much of its ingenuity. 

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