Rolex Milgauss


When you hear the brand name, you immediately think elegant and quality timekeeping, but the Rolex Milgauss will bring one more word to mind, ‘scientific’.  The name ‘Milgauss’ originates from the French word ‘mille’ which means, thousand, and the magnetic field measurement of Gauss.  The brand timepiece is a luxurious watch that can withstand magnetic fields up to 1000 Gauss.


The watch is crafted with an innovative shield that protects the movement, and provides the resistance to magnetic interference.  The watch is manufactured with ferromagnetic alloys, and an iron shield, these two components are screwed into the brand movement and also into the Oyster case, it protects and shields the inner workings.


If you are not a scientist, or unsure of what this really means, the electromagnetic field can interfere with the accuracy of a timepiece. This is true for any brand, and is especially a concern for people working in power plants, labs, and other occupations or positions that put you in close proximity to a magnetic field.  Created in the 1950’s the Rolex Milgauss has evolved through the years, but still is manufactured with the protection to allow watches for sale that can take care of work and life passions for specific individuals.


The style changes that the watch endured were simple but creative.  The first watch resembled the brands Submariner in more ways than one.  But the hands were then changed from the leaf shape to more of the ‘Mercedes style’, featuring the lightning bolt second hand.  Then a very classic, smooth finished bezel replaced the Submariner style numbered bezel.


The Rolex Milgauss was actually discontinued in 1988, but was reborn in 2007, offering three versions:  the Anniversary Edition or also known as the Glace Verte, featuring a green sapphire glass, the white dial version, and the black dial version.  Originally the watch was developed during the technology and information revolution of the 1950’s.  At that time electricity, aeronautics, electronics and nuclear engineering were rapidly changing and evolving.


The power of the atom had been discovered, space travel was starting to emerge, and changes that would forever shape our planet were taking place, which introduced the increase in exposure to magnetic fields, and drove the need for a watch that could provide precision and quality in those circumstances.  This was not just needed by the scientists that were exposed, but because of the innovative appliances being developed it drove a need for most everyone.


The design of this piece, paired with the quality and reputation of the brand, have delivered an excellent watch for sale, not only is it stylish, and quite striking in it’s appearance, but of course the precision is perfection.  Engineered for science, manufactured with brilliance, the timepiece is comfortable and contemporary.

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