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Rolex Explorer


Since the brand emerged in 1905, the watches crafted have been widely sought after, for both the physical appeal, as well as the time keeping accuracy. The Rolex Explorer is one of the world’s most highly acclaimed and most rich in history for it’s ascent to Mt. Everest.


The watch was designed for extreme conditions, and worn by members of the British Himalayas expedition team on May 29, 1953 when they scaled Mt. Everest.  The timepiece was given the name Rolex Explorer after the publicized success of this expedition.


Making the timepiece one of the most easily recognized is the dial.  One of the earliest models featured a white dial with arrow-shaped hour markers and hands, a later model had a very elegant and exclusive look with black “Quarter Arabic” dial and only the 3-6-9 marked with numerals.


Continuing the distinctive dial designs the current Rolex Explorer features a black dial engraved with numerals 3, 6, and 9.  Featuring a 36mm sized case in steel, the model shows a polished bezel, and the ability to withstand temperatures from -20 degree to +40 degree Celsius.  The name is emblazoned on the case and while not on the original models, this was only one of the many changes the model has seen.


Since its inception, the timepiece has evolved.  The most visible change was a shift from the pencil shaped hands to the more attractive Mercedes-style hands that are featured today.  In the 1950’s the face reflected “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified”, and the bottom of the dial read Swiss T<25 from Swiss, which demonstrated the switch from Radium to Tritium as the luminous material.


Like any great brand, much advancement was made, many innovations incorporated into the design, and the Oyster Perpetual movement was expanded.  One of the most sought after models in this line, a collectible for the brand, was called the Space-Dweller. While most of these were sold in Japan, they were crafted to commemorate the visit of NASA’s Mercury Astronauts.


When the new model made its debut, it displayed a completely redesigned case, included a new movement, dial, and sapphire crystal.  Only the hands and name remained the same.  One of the main attractions of this model was the white gold skeleton markers with luminous Tritium fillings.


While the older versions of the brand have been discontinued, they are priceless collectibles, and none of the brands new models resemble these styles.  Of course like other true collectibles, the price skyrockets, and the charm rapidly increases.  The watches for sale by this brand continue to reflect exquisite reliability and elegant beauty, driving a continued worldwide demand for all models.

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