Rolex Watches – The GMT Master II – A Standard of Excellence Still Reigns

Jet setters and pilots alike have come to rely on the Rolex GMT Master II as the ultimate tool and symbol in wristwatches. The features of this luxurious timepiece include a 24 hour rotating bezel that allows travelers to keep track of two time zones simultaneously. This timepiece is built in an extremely durable and scratch resistant housing in order to ensure accurate timekeeping under any circumstances. Innovation and style have been combined in a rich mixture to create one of the most reliable and luxurious watches in the world. Understated and exceptional, this watch is the ultimate professional tool.

Rolex has been extremely well known for its dedication to superlative quality and exceptional technological advances in every wristwatch they have ever made. The GMT Master II was designed to enable pilots to use military time for accurate reading during transatlantic flights around the globe. The ability to simultaneously access time zones has been a startling innovation that pilots and travels have come to expect from the best watchmaker in the world. The automatic movement offers over two days of reserve power and a date Cyclops for easier reading of the date during travel. This timepiece is incredibly sleek and functional.

One of the most cutting edge options that come with this collection is the watch’s function that allows the date and time to be set either forward or backward. By utilizing the extremely durable nature of ceramic into the bezel, this timepiece is built to withstand the rigors of travel. The yellow gold and platinum numbers offer a taste of luxury along with the ultraviolet protection. The spring allows the smoothest movement for changing time of any watch on the market. Rolex guarantees the complete accuracy of the Parachrom hairspring that is the essential element of the newer models.

In addition to adding the most incredible time telling technologies to the Rolex GMT Master II, the wristband has added features for a perfectly comfortable feel despite the length of wear. The Easylink band on the newer models will allow the band to expand and contract over the lifetime of the timepiece under rigorous conditions. Professional pilots and record breakers in aviation have come to rely upon the standard of excellence that comes with each of these watches. Once an official timepiece for Pan-Am pilots, the Rolex is now also the symbol of the ultimate timepiece.

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