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Rolex Watches Presents Day-Date – An Unforgettable Experience

As a symbol of luxury and quality, Rolex has been producing the world’s finest crafted timepieces for over a century. Dedication to style and function has created some of the most versatile and dependable wristwatches ever made. When first introduced, the Rolex Day-Date line was known for the unique calendar date functions that were absolutely unheard of for its sophistication and practicality.  This well-crafted piece is also known as “The President” due to the magnanimous gift of a Rolex to President Eisenhower. As an investment in both men’s style and valuable materials, this luxurious piece is sure to please any man.

As a wristwatch that is sought after by the elite for the exceptional status, beauty and function, Rolex Day-Date is known throughout history as the very first date watch display timepiece in the world. The date function is available in twenty six languages, and the watch itself is dripping with precious metals. Cosmopolitan to the core, this watch line will please any man in the world. Known as the ultimate symbol of success, leaders of all nations have traditionally sought to own a piece of beauty and history in a timepiece with the extremely elegant collection.

For men who pride themselves on appreciating the good things in life, the Day-Date line is the watch to have. Innovative and exquisite, this watch is a legacy in matchless elegance. Offering a unique combination of comfort and style, the famous watch-maker has provided the best of the best or men all over the world. This watch offers a durability that is second to none, and this timepiece can outlast all of the bumps of life. Magnetic field resistant, incredibly waterproof and extremely unaffected by shocks, men can enjoy the accuracy in style for their entire life with the Day-Date.

It is not often a man is offered a chance to own an object that is much more than just a watch, but a piece of history as well. This collection is a standard of excellence and good taste. The cutting-edge Swiss clockworks guarantee the finest watch movement in the world, and the name is equated with exceptional luxury and quality. There is nothing like the feel of a fine Rolex watch being strapped onto a wrist for the first time. For those lucky enough to own a classic gold or platinum Day-Date wristwatch, the experience will never be forgotten.

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