Rolex Yacht-Master


The Rolex Yacht-Master is really considered a newcomer to the brand, since it does not share the long valued history of the other brand models. The timepiece was introduced in 1992, and has created a niche in history all on its own.


Originally designed in 18kt yellow gold, and looking very similar to the Submariner in design, the first impression was more or less just a little more elegant, but pretty much nothing unique.  However, when you look deeper at the Rolex Yacht-Master you can see a more exclusive and understated watch, one that even draws inspiration through the name.


When you hear the name you think about luxury, relaxation, cruising the Caribbean or other bodies of beautiful blue water, aboard a modern craft, decked out with all the latest in design and décor.  In 1994 the brand started expanding, understanding the need for creative design on this watch collection, and introduced a two-tone yellow gold and stainless version, and even more important, a ladies and gentlemen’s version as well.


The Rolex Yacht-Master became the first Professional series from the brand to be made in a size smaller than the standard 40mm. While this was a bold move by the brand, they didn’t stop there, in 1997 they increased the stakes even more and reintroduced an old trademarked brand name, Rolesium. This word had been used by the brand since 1932 to refer to stainless steel alloys, but had been discontinued in a sense for decades.


The new designs featured a sporting looking stainless case, and a bracelet with platinum dial and bezel.  The response to the new look was phenomenal.  Demand exceeded supply, and drove the brand to other innovative designs as well as other smaller editions for those with small wrists, or ladies that wanted the style as well.


The luxurious watches for sale by the brand were only enhanced by this collection and it certainly carved out its own place in the history of the watchmaker. Some of the most outstanding features on the design include the 31-jewel chronometer with brand movement, and the special time-lapse bezel, a selection used to measure an elapsed amount of time.  Normally that feature is on the sport and diving watches, assisting the diver in measuring the amount of air used.


Swiss made with quality and workmanship that are well respected for the brand name, the engineering excellence and aesthetic beauty combine to bring the utmost in satisfaction.  Appealing to a broad range of customers, the timepiece is considered classic, but a little more contemporary, and therefore attracting all ages.  Seen on many television shows, and on the wrist of celebrities, the brand collection is well loved and respected by it’s own right.





Retail price: $14,050 Our Price: $13,100

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