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Rolex Watches – Yacht Master II is Much More Than a Luxury

Yachting is a calling rich in tradition and luxury. Rolex is familiar with both of those aspects, and the Yacht-Master II combines the needed technology for seafaring people with the expected perfection that goes with every Rolex. This timepiece is a startling way to combine art with extreme functions. This collection uses a mechanical memory in addition to the programmable countdown to ensure accurate sailing. Synchronizing becomes a matter of ease with this piece. Scratch resistant and dependable components are couched in precious metals to combine the best of both worlds, and makes it a must have for sailing.

The dedicated and strict craftsmanship that goes in every single Rolex Yacht-Master II is legendary. The 360 individual parts that make up this piece allows for an incredible 4160 movement. Many thousands of hours were spend in refining the development of every aspect of this incredible timepiece. A celebration in technology, the wheel is bound on a column through the plate to bind each side of the movement. The end result of this technological advance is the perfect symmetry of synchronization for dual timing needs. Perfect for a countdown or a sailing adventure, this Rolex is one of a kind.

Like some of its other professional and sporting watches, the Rolex Yacht-Master II offers the patented Triplock winding crown to protect the precious innards of the watch from submersion pressure. Divers and sailors alike will wish to maximize their sea experience with the best watch in the world. The ten different components that are used to protect the watch are put together with great care and attached to the plate with screws to create a waterproof and almost shatterproof wristwatch. The incredibly painstaking methods used to assemble and build these timepieces make it a truly durable piece.

The complex and modern design that makes these Rolex Yacht-Master II watches one of the best watches in the world are easy to use. Nautical colors inside and outside of the watch face allow ease when reading the time. Allowing a sailor or diver to see the time in one glance also allows them to make instant calculations that could mean life or death. This model is far more than a luxury item; it speaks volumes of professional dedication to details that help men make the most of their lives. Steel and other precious metals that are used only make them more valuable.

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