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Romain Jerome – A New Star In Luxury Watch Industry

One of the newest watch companies in the industry, this company has still managed to create a name for itself due to its unique approach to creating one of a kind watches. The company itself was created with the intention of creating a watch designed for avid golfers. This was the first watch from the company, known as the Hole In One Golf Counter. It featured the ability to track golf course progress and boasts a design that owes much to the golf world.

But after this, the company founder set out to go beyond the norm, and those who buy Romain Jerome watches will now literally be buying a piece of history. This is because today’s Romain Jerome watches for sale are from the “DNA of Famous Legends” collection, which combines modern watchmaking skills with unique pieces of the world’s history.

The first release turned heads when it debuted. The Moon Dust DNA timepiece is just what it sounds like. This watch features actual moon dust mixed with some pigment to give it a sleek look that is also unique. How many people can say that they have dust from the moon on their wrist? Only those who are fortunate enough to own one of these high-end luxury watches.

The next release from the company was the Titanic DNA. This watch features remnants of the Titanic within its construction. Specifically, rust from the steel in the wreck is featured in the bezel and on the cross found on the dial. It may sound surprising since rust is a bad thing in the watch world, but through careful chemistry the company has stabilized the rust to protect against any further corrosion.

Those who buy Romain Jerome watches from the Titanic DNA line will also receive a certificate of compliance from the shipbuilder of the Titanic, the Harland and Wolf company. Each Titanic also features a vaporized coal from the shipwreck which is located on the dial. Buyers have the option of choosing black rubber or crocodile leather for the strap and the watches are available in limited quantities as part of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic. There are also a small number of limited edition Titanic watches for sale that are released in such limited quantities they’ll be collector’s items immediately. Only nine of these watches will be produced worldwide.

For the perfect combination of style, performance, and history, this line has become the industry standard.

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