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Ulysse Nardin Limited Editions: Possessions of the Privileged

Any Ulysse Nardin watch spells class. However, Ulysse Nardin Limited Editions are the rare possessions of the privileged few. The limited edition strategy makes the owner exceptional and as an investment it value is endless. All the limited edition watches proclaim the 175 years of expertise and fame Ulysse Nardin as the makers of precision watches with a marine touch.

There are a couple of Ulysse Nardin Limited editions which are so rare that it is hard to find them. One such one is Ulysse Nardin Jaquermart Erotic which portrays two erotic scenes one a man and woman making love and the other the archetypal sex image of the snake close to a stark naked woman. The watch is made of Titanium and solid Rose Gold. Ulysse Nardin Anniversary 160 in 18k White Gold or Rose Gold is a watch with a beautiful blue dial with choice of bracelets in Rose Gold, White Gold or strap made of Alligator skin. The self-winding watch has 43 mm case and has a power reserve for 60 hours.

One of the most complexes of watches, Ulysse Nardin Astrolabium G. Galilei pays homage to the early astronomers. The watch indicates the positions of the sun, moon, stars, and shows the exact time of sun rise and sun set and solar as well as lunar eclipses. Ulysse Nardin Berlin Chronosplit Rattrapante was launched to commemorate the Berlin Olympics of 1930. Ulysse Nardin Circus Minute Repeater, a strict limited edition of 30 each in Rose Gold and White Gold has six carved animated gold figures which represent various circus motifs in movement when the minute repeater works. Ulysse Nardin Forgerons are limited to 50 pieces in platinum and 18k Rose Gold is a tribute to the artisans. Two gold figurines strike a bell when the minute repeater is engaged. The watch is water resistant at 30 meters.

Among the Ulysse Nardin Limited Editions the Freak as the name indicates is a bit freakish in appearance. Its movement which is the carrousel type is visible in the blue dial. Choice of cases of 44.5mm in Platinum, Rose Gold and White Gold are there to choose from. This manually winding watch has a whopping power reserve of 7 days. The other famous limited editions are the Hourstriker, Maxi Skeleton, Moonstruck, Perpetual Ludovico, Planetarium Copernicus, Royal Blue Tourbillon and Tellurium J Kepler.

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